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How to Cut Window Blinds that are Too Long

How To Cut Window Blinds That Are Too Long

Why Cut Down Blinds?

Window blinds, particularly horizontal blinds are widely used in offices and homes to make living a comfortable and pleasant experience and to also enhance the beauty of your homes. Window treatments are an integral part of your homes which provides you privacy, security, insulation, light control, darkness and so much more. They also help to add aesthetic appeal to your décor, charm and elegance. The most important thing to remember when ordering window blinds is giving the correct measurements of the windows. Most blinds are easily available in standard window sizes and they can be customized as well. Sometimes however there may be an error in measurement or perhaps they are sold in sizes that may not make a perfect fit for your windows. No worries, as most horizontal blinds are constructed in a way that makes them easy for homeowners to cut them as per their needs. The process of cutting blinds is similar for metal, wood and vinyl blinds.

How to Cut the Blinds in Length

The most important thing when cutting blinds is the careful removal and replacement of plugs on the bottom rail of the blinds. Though you may think these plugs are insignificant, they help to secure the bottom of the cord that enables you to close, open and make adjustments to the blinds. These plugs can be either smoothly rounded or are a button-like disc.

Tools Needed
To cut a long blind short all you need a little patience and some appropriate tools that include:

• Scissors
• Flathead screwdriver
• Measuring tape
• Pencil
• Plastic or rubber mallet (optional)

Steps to Cut Your Blinds

1. Allow your installed blinds to be open to its full length so that you know how much is excess and how much needs to be cut off.

2. Now, taking a pencil mark the slat that is closest to the length you ideally want for your blinds. This will be the slat that will be closest to the bottom of the window if you want the binds to fit inside the window frame. If you want the blinds to be longer than that then you can choose a lower slat. The one you choose will now serve as the lowest slat of your blinds.

3. You will find the plugs we had spoken about earlier at the bottom rail on either side of the blinds. Open these plugs using a flat-head screwdriver.
Cut Long Blinds
4. Take a scissor and cut the string that is tied to the button-like disk or plug. While doing so do make a note of how this string is attached or configured to hold the plug in place. This style will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and you need to know this when you try to install the plug back into the blinds. Keep the plugs away safely so as not to lose them.
How to Remove Blinds Plug

5. You will now need to pull out the adjusting cord from the bottom rail as also all the slats that are there below the slat you have chosen as your new length. You will find that the adjusting cord goes through each slat via small holes. Take care not to pull out the cord from the slats you want to keep. It will be extremely time-consuming to thread the cord back into the slats and double your efforts.

6. You will need scissors to cut away all of the cords that lie about 6 inches below the slat you marked as the bottom slat for your blinds. As you cut the slats will fall away.

7. The slats sit horizontally on the supporting ladder string. Take out the remaining slats from the rung and remove the bottom rail as well.

8. You will now need to place the bottom rail back to your blind by sliding it into the rung of each of the ladder strings just below the bottom slat.

9. Take your plugs, insert the adjustment cord through them and attach them to either side of the bottom rail.

10. There will be extra strings that you can stuff into the respective plug holes.

11. Attach the plugs to the adjustment cords and then place the plugs into their securing holes. You can use a rubber or plastic mallet to help you do this is it is too tight to do by hand. However, before pushing the plug back, ensure that the adjustment strings and ladder strings enable the bottom rail to hang uniformly.

12. After everything is done, trim off the excess adjustment strings to prevent them from dangling.
Your blind has been successfully shortened without causing any damage. The slats have been removed and you have got the length you were looking for your window and they make a perfect customized fit without hassles.

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