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How to Cut Window Blinds that are Too Wide

How To Cut Window Blinds That Are Too Wide

What Can You Do When Your Blinds Are Too Wide?

Horizontal shades are widely used in offices and homes for their functionality and versatility. They are effective in controlling light, privacy, provide privacy and security and alongside this, the blinds add elegance and luxurious appeal to your homes. These horizontal blinds come in all sizes and generally, it poses no difficulty in finding the right fit for your windows. Sometimes however there may be in error in measurement or come in a size that is a tad too wide for your windows. This does not mean that you need to return the blinds. You can cut them down all by yourself with little effort and some patience and your blinds will be ready for use.

Tools Needed

To cut the width of your blinds to fit your windows you will need the following tools:

• Measuring tape
• Pencil
• Table saw
• Hacksaw
• Fine-tooth blade
• 150-grit sandpaper
• Rubber bands
• Masking tape

How to Make the Cuts

Cutting the width of the blinds entails a number of steps and processes.

Trimming Head Rail
To get the perfect width for your blinds, your first task is to trim the headrail as it also forms part of the width.

1. Take the measurement of your window and net measure the headrail. Deduct the width of the window from the width of the headrail. This will be the amount of inches/cm you will need to cut off.
2. Whatever measurement you get after deduction, divide that figure by 2 if it is more than 2 inches. Then you will need to cut ½ of the extra width from either side of the headrail. If it is less than 2 inch you can make the cut from one side itself.
3. Now measure the headrail and make markings on one end or on either end using a pencil.
4. You will find a stiffener that is located at the end of the headrail. These are metal pieces that help to hold the headrail in a square position. You need to take these stiffeners out.
5. Use a hacksaw to cut the headrail along with the marks you made. If the metal headrail bends a little while cutting, bend them back into position and replace the stiffeners.

Trimming the Blinds
Once the headrail has been cut it is time to trim the blinds.

1. Stack the slats up evenly. Make the ends flush and do not exclude the bottom rail though the latter will be thicker than the slats.
2. Use a rubber at each end to tie the blinds tightly to keep them in an even position.
3. Measure the window width and the blinds. Subtract the width of the widow from the width of the blinds. This will be you need to cut off. Irrespective of how small the cut, make sure that you cut ½ of the measurement taken from either side of the blinds. Make sure that the strings controlling the blinds are evenly spaced from each side once the cuts have been made. To prevent the blinds from chipping when they are being cut you use masking tape at the cut lines. Use a table saw to cut the blinds but use only a fine-tooth blade that is used for cutting finished wood. Use a carbide blade if there is any metal on the binds.
4. Cut the blinds carefully. Use the bottom rails as well. Though thick, the headrail can be still cut with the saw.
5. Take the masking tape off as also the rubber bands. For rough edges use the sandpaper to smoothen them out.
Trimmng Blinds That Are Too Wide
Trimming the Valance
Blinds often come with a valance. A valance is a decorative piece of wood that is installed at the top of the windows to hide the headrail and ugly window treatment hardware. Many may choose not to opt for a valance but blinds that have a valance have to be cut too. They are of the same width as the blinds. When the blinds are being cut to shorten the width, the valance needs to be trimmed too to match the width of the blinds.

1. Measure the valance. Use the same measurements as the blinds; make markings on the valance where the cut will be made.
2. Use masking tapes once again to wrap the cut lines to prevent the valance from chipping when the cut is being made.
3. Use a saw to carefully and slowly cut the valance.
Once the valance is cut your blinds are now completely ready for use. The headrail, slats and the valance is of your preferred width and make a perfect fit on your windows.

Things to Remember

• Avoid buying blinds that are too wide for your windows. Though blinds can be cut, if they are too wide you might end up cutting very close to the strings when they are being trimmed.
• Even if the headrail is not neatly cut, do not worry. Your valance will anyways hide them when they are installed.
• If your blinds are inside mount then cut the blinds about ½ inch less than the width of insides of the window frame. Otherwise, the blinds will scratch the sides of the window frame.

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