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How to Deal with Scam Artists – Faux Wood Blinds Canada

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The Merits of Faux Wood Blinds

I was keeping my son’s dog about a week ago and noticed there were several chunks of what I thought to be faux wood blinds on the floor. I could see they were nothing more than pressed cardboard with a plastic finish on them. When I purchased the blinds from less than two years ago, I was told they were faux wood. I contacted the franchise owner and she said I would have to purchase an entire new unit. The blind covers 3 windows almost floor to ceiling so the cost will be substantial.
It seems these blinds have a hole punched in the cardboard and you have to replace the entire blind unit if one slat is damaged. I was never told the blinds were laminated cardboard nor could they not be repaired in the event of damage. With two dogs, this is something that should have been disclosed at the time of purchase. I suffer with two chronic pain diseases and live on disability and feel deceived and cheated by the franchise.



Imagine being in the lady’s shoes. I would be tearing my hair out and screaming blue murder, aside from which I would want to take some legal recourse, and as I researched some options, this was what I came across –

According to ‘The little Book of Scams’ published by the Government of Canada,
Scams and You: What to Do if You Get Scammed!
Canadian authorities may not always be able to take action against scams, even if it seems like a scammer might have broken the law.
Reducing the Damage
Although it may be hard to recover any money that you have lost to a scam, there are steps you can take to reduce the damage and avoid becoming a target for a follow-up scam. The more quickly you act, the greater your chance of reducing your losses.
Report a scam. By reporting the scam to authorities, they may be able to warn other people about the scam and minimize the chances of the scam spreading further. You should also warn your friends and family of any scams that you come across. Click on the link to report a scam for details.
If you have been tricked into signing a contract or buying a product or service
Contact your provincial or territorial consumer affairs office and consider getting independent advice to examine your options: there may be a cooling-off period or you may be able to negotiate a refund.




Faux Wood Window Blinds-




The Merits of Faux Wood Blinds in Canada

By and large, faux wood blinds are an extremely reliable product that is durable and versatile in function, but it is important to buy a reputed brand like Graber, Norman or Crown.

Faux Wood Blinds are made from PVC and polymers components to create infinitely durable blinds that find use for a variety of requirements. They are way less expensive that the real wood blinds they are made to imitate, and ideal for use in high-humidity areas like bathrooms, laundries, basements, and kitchens, unlike the wooden counterpart that could very well warp. And for kitchens, the ease of cleaning off grunge that accumulates on window treatments was never easier! Though heavier than real wood blinds, faux wood blinds are crack and warp resistant, and are protected from yellowing due to UV inhibitors that are introduced into its composition during manufacture; they can be exposed to the harshest of sunlight with no damage to them. In addition, a host of protective measures have been incorporated in the manufacture of these blinds, to make them an extremely safe product for years of use –
They are GreenGuard certified to ensure no off-gassing of VOC’s or harmful organic air pollutants, reducing risks to those who are prone to allergies and respiratory disorders.
They are also built with flame retardants (FR rated), in the event of a fire, adding no danger of inflaming a volatile environment.
They a Microban protected to repel the growth of mildew and odor-causing bacteria that is all too possible in damp environments like basements and bathrooms.



Keep in mind the following before you consider buying the Faux Wood Blinds in Canada

The Slat size

The broader the slats or vanes, the more the space between them, therefore the better the view when they are opened optimally at a 90-degree angle. Blinds with 2 1/2-inch vanes or more are ideal for expansive glazing. And they make sense for doors as well, as they stack more compactly when raised, eliminating the risk of banging one’s head against them as one goes in and out of the house. Inside mounted blinds make sense for large windows and doors, offering a sleek and smart appeal, whereas smaller windows could do with outside mounted blinds with narrow slats for a more expansive feel.




Blinds are traditionally made with route holes on both sides and center of the slat for the control cords to pass through. This allows light to pass through, and can be often irritating, especially when one watches TV or works at a computer, with pin pricks of lights bouncing off the screen creating eye discomfort. Added to this, privacy was also compromised, as they do offer a fairly clear view inside for those who care to peer, and at night, it’s, of course, free for all! To nullify this effect, manufacturers came up with cloth tapes to blunt the glare from the route holes, making them decorative to create interesting interior off-setting as well. Today, manufacturers have found ways to do away with the route holes altogether, calling them ‘Routeless’ (Graber and Crown) or ‘Smart Privacy” (Norman) blinds with slats that maybe notched at the back for a better hold.



Control options

While faux wood blinds are made with the traditional cord controls and cordless options, the latter providing safety for homes with kids and pets, the motorized versions available at very economical rates that it would be crazy not to consider them for seamless operations that are timed according to the sun’s trajectory, for remote optimal daylight harvesting and control, making for energy efficiency that would more than admirably pay back the cost of the automation.




Interior Appeal

Faux wood blinds while not the real thing, is inexpensive and creates the feel of real wood by imitating its grains, colors, textures, and patterns, allowing them to blend into any interior style with wonderful ease.




Maintenance of faux wood blinds is easy in the extreme – they need the occasional feather dusting of fabric brush vacuuming that will keep them pristine. For stains left by grubby hands and drooling animals, spot cleaning with warm soapy water and a soft cloth will suffice admirably. Never use chemical cleaners. For stubborn stains, please check with the dealer or manufacturer for advice. Routeless shades have slats that can be individually removed for cleaning off stubborn stains.
Go for brands that make a tradition of keeping their customers happy. If you were to surf for complaints in window treatments, you’d never find even a single one about Graber or Crown or Norman. Log on to Zebrablinds in Canada for blinds with no import duty and free delivery.





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