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How To Decorate Bay Windows With Roman Shades

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“No. 14. Raleigh Street” I replied to the salesman at the hardware store while I re-checked my purchases and prepared to leave. “Oh, the house with the Bay windows”, he exclaimed, very excited now that he had got to meet me. I smiled at his reaction while he continued in the same breath, “I always wonder what extraordinary things go on in a house with such extraordinary windows.” “I completely agree with you,” I replied, “I am still enchanted by them”. Marriage had introduced me to this Colonial style bungalow that stood straight and stout as a testimony of time. I had gasped in delight as my husband, then my fiancé, drove me up the driveway for the very first time, to the entrance porch, flanked on either side by a bay window. On the exterior of the house, they were visible as a sturdy, grilled mesh. The insides revealed another facet of them altogether as their elegant shutters opened up to a view of rose bushes laden with blooms and the quaintness and warmth that they cast to the interiors of the room. “Who is so fortunate to have this bedroom, I asked. “We shall be living here Darling,” he replied. “How lovely,” I said almost breathless, “Let’s plan for our wedding”. There is something magical about a window, the play of light through it can lift up one’s spirits, completely manipulate a situation. When three or more of them come together in a bay window, it is an added bonanza!




Bay windows attractively dress up homes with plenty of natural sunlight entering the home from different angles during the day and reflecting on the glass panes making the home brighter.
The obvious benefit of a Bay window is the extra space that it adds to a room. Depending on the size of the window, you can add anywhere from 6-8 sq. ft. to your room.
Unlike a regular room window that provides a two-dimensional view of the outside, a Bay or Bow window allows an expanded field of vision to the owner.
They can catch a better breeze and allow more fresh air into a room while providing for efficient ventilation of the indoors.
They are the focal point of a building and contribute to its architecture. A good looking Bay window can captivate the interest of a potential buyer. The glazed style on the outside of a building gives it a clean and distinguished look. They add to the value of a home with their aesthetic appeal.



Norman-Roman-Shades-Canada -



The Unusual shape of a Bay window is a charming feature of any home, but finding the right window treatment that is functional can be challenging. Accentuating a Bay window with a window treatment is important, lest the room lose its architectural quality and the purpose of the window is defeated.




Window treatments for bay windows need different hardware compared to standard windows. Their curved dimension and three-panel design make their requirements unique. Installing a curved track along the contours of the bay window makes the selection of a window treatment easy.
The rods chosen for a window treatment has almost as much impact on the bay window. Custom made curtain rods are the safest option. Drapery panels placed in the corners of a bay window accentuate its polygonal shape and pull focus into the bay.

Valances on Bay windows create a visual focus that connects the three windows. If the view from your Bay window is beautiful and light control, and privacy are not a concern, a decorative valence or an upholstered cornice will suffice. A continuous valance with an optional drapery panel on either side of the Bay window is a good option.

Privacy and light control energy efficient shades or vertical blinds, as well as curtains, need special tracks to cover the bay window adequately without leaving any gaps in the corners.

Wood Shutters and wooden blinds are a perfect window treatment for bay windows as they can be adjusted according to the light requirements during the day. Blinds fit in snugly into the window panes and come in different finishes from plain white to walnut and mahogany.
Roman shades are an elegant and easy to maintain window treatment for bay windows. These flat shades frame the windows neatly and add softness to its hard angles while adding some color and texture to them.





Style your Bay windows with an exquisite and fashionable valence from a wide range of Custom Drapery Valences from Crown that can be pole mounted. There is a wide range of fabrics from Sheer, Toile and Jacobean to Jacquard and more in a variety of colors. Adding a cord or a fringe for a more stylish and formal finish is another option offered. The Pouf effect of the Blouson valances, a Double scalloped valance, a Tuck valance or a scalloped custom drapery valence are the right window treatments to accentuate a bay window. They can be used on their own or in combination with a drape blind or shade.



CentrePiece Light Filtering and Room Darkening Roman Blinds in Canada from Norman Window Fashions are great for use on bay windows for their light weight feature. The shades can be customized in a Plain Roman, the Batten Front, the Batten Back Flat fold or the Soft Fold styles. Depending on the needs of privacy or insulation, you could even avail of a blackout or translucent lining. A neutral colored backing for all shades hides unsightly cords and eyelets. A concealed flap helps to pull shades up or down. The child and pet-friendly Patented Aerolite cordless mechanism ensure a smooth operation.
Crown has also created irresistible Drapery panels in the Rod Pocket, Tab top, Grommet and Parisian Pleat style in fabrics ranging from Sheer to Cotton, Polyester, and Damask. All Drapery panels are lined to protect them from the fading effects of the harsh sunlight.
Graber too offers customized CrystalPleat Cellular shades for bay windows. Each window is treated individually, and each section has its own control. The choice of a Butt option or Bypass option has to be specified while ordering shades for bay windows. The CrystalPleat shade is a perfect combination of function and fashion to enhance the look of any window. Its features of high energy efficiency, solutions for numerous privacy and light control needs, three cell sizes to match diverse décor styles and a broad spectrum of on- trend colors to enhance every room makes it possible to use them on bay windows too. An essential requirement for a bay window is the angle between each window which is measured using a protractor, angle finder or two business cards that are placed along the two edges that form a corner of the window. Get them professional measured and installed To be on the safe side.






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