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How to Decorate your Patio Door with Smart Blinds

Smart Blinds decorating a patio door

Patio doors are usually the largest opening to the outdoors found in many houses. The wide glass panels can make your small home feel larger and more welcoming while also allowing more light and fresh air to enter. While glass doors are a beautiful aesthetic element, they can be difficult to match with the correct window treatments.

Large patio doors can make it difficult to achieve the proper balance of light management and privacy while still being able to use the door easily. Using the doors to go outside can lead to tangled window vanes, adjusting slats, and ensuring that nothing is in the way as you or others walk through. 

For this issue, we would like to offer a simple solution: smart window coverings. These are window treatments that can be operated with technology, allowing you to have a hands-free method of opening the blinds or shades that dress your patio door.

Smart Home Integration

Smart blinds, also known as smart shades, are operated with a motor. The motor will raise or lower the shades, freeing your hands, letting you pass through the patio doors at your leisure. You can instruct the shades to open, close, or remain at a favorite position with the use of a remote control, your smartphone, or through smart speaker technology. Smart speakers include: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Smart motors can be equipped on many different types of shades or blinds. Shades come in many different styles, designs, and materials. So, depending on your patio door and your home décor sense, you are left with a variety of options. Without further ado, let us explore several Smart Shades for your patio door.

Roller Shades

  • Roller shades can come in many different sizes. Like patio doors, they can seamlessly blend into the environment of your house. Roller shades are a single material that rolls up into a tube at the headrail where it is mounted. This gives it a sleek profile that is a great choice for those who like a clean, minimalistic aesthetic.
  • Roller shades are effective for high-traffic areas like patio doors. During days of high-volume usage of the patio doors, you can simply open the shades and have it tucked away, leaving the door unobstructed for as long as you need.
  • Roller shades also come in a variety of materials, such as blackout, light-filtering, and sheer. With patio doors often being a gateway to the outdoors for many, it is often best to use a material that allows you to bask in nature’s warm embrace. With that in mind, let us explore the next type of shade.

Solar Shades

  • Solar shades are a type of roller shade. It shares all the same properties, except in its material. Most roller shades use blackout or light-filtering fabrics. Both are opaque, obstructing the beautiful outdoor views. 
  • Solar shades use a fabric that will allow you to see outside during the glorious hours of sunlight. The way the fabrics are woven to allow light to pass through them. They are given a percentage number to describe how much light can pass through. The lower the percentage of the shade, it will allow less light and be less see-through.
  • Solar shades allow you to see through to the side with more light. During the day, you will be able to fully see outdoors while maintaining privacy. At night, the opposite will hold true, you will be able to see from outside to in. Keep this fact in mind, as it can prove a privacy issue depending where your patio door is located.
  • With the smart motor, you can set a program to have the solar shades go up or down during particular times of the day. This feature will allow you to have optimal control over light flow and privacy without having to perform the task yourself.
Solar shades providing an exterior view

Cellular Shades

  • Heat loss occurs at windows, as glass is a poor insulator. Patio doors are often very large, so the heat loss in this area of your home can be quite so as well. To negate this effect, you can use cellular shades to dress the patio door.
  • Cellular shades are well known for their insulating capabilities. They are made of hexagonal pockets that are stacked on one another. These pockets trap air, creating an insulating barrier that keeps warm air in the room, and cold outside air out.
  • In climates that are very extreme, cellular shades can come in a double pocket option. There will be two stacks of cellular pockets running down from the headrail, covering your large patio door with extra insulations.

Roman Shades

  • Patio doors can be a focal point of your room’s décor. With fresh air and natural light pouring in, the doors will naturally be an attraction for everyone. You can enhance the patio door even further by dressing it with Roman shades.
  • Roman shades are made from premium materials and pleat in a specialized manner. They are opened by having the fabric pleating into itself, creating large folds as it opens. When fully opened, this shade will appear like a drapery valance, covering the very top portion of the patio door.
  • Roman shades will dress your shades in a fancy manner whether they are opened or closed. They are intended to look like drapery, but have all the benefits of smart motorization.
Beautifully pleated Roman shades on a patio door.

Beautiful patio door blinds can transform your home into a showcase. Whether you need a blind that blocks out light and increases privacy or one that makes utilizing your glass doors a breeze. Do away with cumbersome cords that constantly get tangled and require manual operation. You can easily walk outside and close the shades to your patio door shades behind you with an app on your phone.

Add some flair and utility to your patio doors with smart shades. There is a large assortment of shades and fabrics at your disposal to dress your home’s gateway to the outdoors.

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