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How to Dress a Circular Window without Losing its Uniqueness

How to Dress a Circular Window without Losing its Uniqueness

Why Specialty Windows are Attractive

Specialty shaped windows have always been an attractive and gorgeous addition to any house. They offer a visual break from the standard rectangular windows that we are so accustomed to. These differently shaped windows include shapes like circular, semi-circular, octagonal, triangular, etc. They look truly fascinating as they easily become the focal point of any room decor. They are the highlight of any room and you integrate the remaining pieces of decor around this window.

Need to Dress Specialty Shaped Windows

As you understand, specialty shaped windows are different from your regular windows hence your regular window treatments like curtains and normal blinds may not work. But leaving your windows bare is not an option either. They let in an abundance of sunshine allowing unfiltered UV rays easy access to your rooms. They will hamper your privacy and also cause substantial heat gain and loss during the summer and winter months. So how will you dress up your stylish circular windows?

Regular Window Treatments – Drapes

The easiest way to dress up your circular windows is by ignoring their shape and settling for regular window treatments like curtains and or blinds that are used to treat your square or rectangular windows. All you need to do is hang a straight curtain rail and allowing gorgeous layers of fabrics to cover it up. You can even use your regular shaped Venetian Blinds or Roman Blinds. During the daytime, you can keep the blinds and curtains drawn to keep the windows exposed.

Window Treatments to Maintain Shape of Circular Windows

However, most homeowners may not be willing to sacrifice the look and shape of your windows just for the convenience of dressing them up. You would want the circular shape of the windows to remain revealed at all times. In that case, you can try any of the following:

Treat the Glass
You may not be keen on dressing your circular windows and at the same time will need privacy. In that case, you can try changing the glass of the window. Frosted glass or decorative stained glass will be a good option for your windows, particularly in a cloakroom or bathroom. You cannot do this at home and will need professional expertise.
Window Film
Window film is a cheaper solution for your circular windows. You can get these films from stores as well as online. These films are available in a range of designs and colors and different degrees of opacity depending upon your need for light and view. These films can be cut to size as per the shape of the window.
Custom-made Window Shutters
If you are looking for the best window treatment solution for your circular windows, custom-made wood plantation shutters is the one for you. These plantation shutters can be measured and fixed inside the window. The shutters are extremely versatile. They give you complete control over your lighting needs. The shutters can be adjusted to adjust your view, privacy and light. Shutters offer a tight fit, preventing loss of heat. The shutters also allow circular windows to retain their unique appearance and versatile character. These shutters can be made to fit any sized circular windows and can be customized to be available in a range of colors to fit any home decor style.
Shutters for Arched Windows
Custom-made Blinds
Venetian Blinds can be customized to fit your circular windows. As the windows are round in shape, the Venetian Blinds can’t be pulled up beyond the halfway point. The slats can be tilted between open and closed positions to adjust and control the incoming light. Venetian Blinds have been popular for quite some time and are available in a range of fabrics, colors and designs. They look stunning and impart beauty to your gorgeous circular window openings. Choose the blind that best suits your existing decor style.
Custom Arched Window Blinds
For your circular or spherical shaped windows, any of the above-mentioned window treatments work brilliantly. These window treatment solutions help to maintain the shape of the round windows.

If you have a beautiful sight to behold, privacy is not a major concern and if the window is located in a direction that does not receive much sunlight, then you can do away with any window treatment. Leaving the windows bare allows you to enjoy the unique shape of the windows and allows the windows to become the focal point of your room.

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