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How to Dress Multiple Windows in Different Rooms

How to Dress Multiple Windows in Different Rooms

Dilemma of Dressing Multiple Windows in Different Rooms

Have lots of rooms with multiples windows in your home? Are you at your wit’s end trying to gain insight into how to dress these windows? Have you thought of opting for a single window treatment for all your windows in the house? These are all very valid questions that you have to encounter when doing up your windows. If your house has several rooms and every room has multiple windows then dressing them up effectively and adequately presents a challenge.

To think of dressing up all the windows in the house, in the same way, doesn’t appear to be an exciting proposition. What is the fun of having so many windows in the house if they all appear the same and monotonous? Rarely do we find homes which are adorned with so many windows. Multiple windows in every room is a great idea as they allow air and light to flow into the rooms spreading cheer and positivity in the house. So why let go of this opportunity to dress them up differently in the way you want for each room?

Similar Window Treatments throughout the House

There are exceptions, however. You may opt for a similar treatment for all your rooms depending upon the layout of the house. For example, if you have shared open spaces, where one room overlaps with another room then opting for the same window dressing may be a good idea to maintain parity. Or, even if treatments are different you may opt for the same fabric and style. For example, very often you have the living space in your home flowing into the dining space and kitchen. You may go for a single dressing for all the windows.

If you are in love with some particular window blinds or shades like wooden shutters you may want to include them in every room because who would love to see all your windows dressed in those beautiful elegant shutters. Personal style, love and preferences also dictate the type of window dressing in a house.

It is true that specific rooms have specific needs and it is important for window treatments to address those needs. It may however so happen that a treatment you choose may work well for the bedroom, bathroom and other spaces in the house by making small adjustments.

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Different Window Treatment for Different Rooms

Looks and functionality deeply impact the type of window treatment you choose. While there is no harm in going for a similar window treatment in every room in the house, it may also be a good idea to experiment. It would be fun dressing up every room differently. This helps to break the monotony and imparts a distinct look to every room, particularly if every room has multiple windows. This would make windows the focal point in every room and in the entire house. You wouldn’t want to use the draperies that you have chosen for the bedroom in your living room.
Let us take a look at why it wouldn’t be a great idea to opt for a similar window treatment in the entire house apart from appearance reasons.

Bedrooms demand privacy as well as light filtration. If you have multiple windows it means that you need to guard your privacy and also restrict the amount of light flowing in because for a good deep sleep you would need darkness and hence the window treatment you choose needs to ensure that. You may use a single dressing or a combination of shades are draperies with blackout lining so that you can preserve privacy and prevent light flowing in at night.

Drapes Over Roman Shades

Living rooms are spaces in the house where you spend time together as a family, socialize and entertain guests. You need window treatments that will increase the aesthetics of the room, allow lots of light, preserve your privacy and blend with your home décor. You do not necessarily need to opt for room darkening shades and would need something that is grander than in the bedroom. We tend to keep updating our living room’s style and décor more than any other room in the house; hence you would need something that will go with the kind of the changes you may opt for. You can select draperies, cellular or Roman shades or shutters.

Bathroom requirements are completely different from that of bedrooms and living rooms. More than grandeur and appearance, you need functional dressings that will survive exposure to moisture and humidity over a prolonged period of time. Choose the material carefully and avoid wooden shades and blinds. Light filtering honeycomb shades are great as they do protect the privacy and at the same time allow lots of light to pour in.

For the kitchen, you need shades that allow light to flow in and those which are easier to clean because shades in kitchens will collect a lot of dirt. All kinds of Roman shades work well for kitchens when raised high they allow lots of light into the room while cooking.

Lastly, the location of windows deeply impacts the type of window treatment you choose for different rooms. Every room has windows in different positions which will determine how much light, sunrays, etc. will flow in and depending upon that you need to decide what will work best.

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What Works Best?

Windows are the source of light and air in every room and house. And having multiple of those in the house is amazing because an airy and well-lit room helps to spread cheer and positivity. Do not feel intimidated by them because of the need to dress them up. You may feel that opting for similar treatment for all the rooms will help cut down your task but it will do little to increase the aesthetics and style quotient of your house. A similar treatment could still work if you have a single window to cover in every room. But if there are multiple windows then having the same dressing for all windows in every room would become an eyesore. Too much of the same thing is not good, not even window shades. Combination of window shades and draperies in different rooms will impart a distinct look which is refreshing.

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