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How to Dress Your Smart Home Windows

How To Dress Your Smart Home Windows

Smart homes are on the rise as technology becomes more and more accessible for anyone on a budget. But once you have wired your lights and set up your home assistant, you may have noticed the light still streaming into your home long after the lights are out. You may have forgotten to set up your windows or dress them properly. If you are looking for a smart solution, then you can be sure that you will find one here.

Most smart home window coverings like smart blinds and shades come with two options.
One would be the incredibly popular Z-wave motors.
The other is our favorite Wi-Fi operated system.
While both of these options actually do use the wi-fi in your home, it is important to note that they have a few differences.

Z wave motors have been used to control the blinds on smart home windows for ages, and in recent years we use a radio wave converter (ZRTSI) that links to the wifi so you can manage your blinds from anywhere you want.
The Wi-Fi operated system (Somfy Mylink) uses directly linked motors that use Wi-Fi technology and require no converter; linking directly to the Wi-Fi.
Z Wave Smart Shades
Z wave technology boosts its own signal with each motor (also known as a node) and thus makes it possible to control hundreds of smart home windows. They also allow for two way communication which lets you see the status of your shades. Wifi motors do not boost their own signal, and hence the system cannot support more than a dozen or so nodes at once.
And if you have not done this yet you may want to consider doing this first: Make sure you get a decent home assistant. While it’s amazing to be able to control your blinds through your phone, it is important to have an assistant like Alexa or Google Home simply for the sake of convenience. If you’re leaning towards Z wave, you can rest assured that your home assistant can link to a Z wave hub and issue your commands through that.
As for the blinds themselves, you will not have to worry: Most reputed vendors carry a wide range of designs for you to choose from. Your biggest challenge when choosing your blinds will not come from finding good coverings for your smart home windows; but rather from choosing between a number of excellent smart shades and smart blinds to find the perfect fit for your home.
Smart Window Coverings
If you are someone who is incredibly scared of the dark then you will absolutely love being able to check the status of all your blinds simply by checking your phone and closing anything you left open, all while hiding under your blanket. In such cases, we recommend smart solar shades that will brighten up your room as soon as the sun comes out. If you’re someone who loves blackout blinds, then fret not because if you can think of a blind that exists you can be sure that someone has put a smart motor on it.

But what good is a smart solar shade if you’re someone who likes privacy? For those of you who prefer not to be the subject of any potential nosiness, we suggest you try smart privacy shades or just go in for the blackout shades if you also dislike the light.

When it comes to dressing your smart home windows, make sure to keep your home’s overall color palette in mind. Does that involve committing every streak of color in your home to memory? Not at all! Simply note the dominant color in each room of your home and you will find that you will find the smart home window coverings you will need accordingly. And if you want to go big, you can also install sensors on your window coverings that will detect any motion and alert you to any unfortunate intruders. While such sensors have little to do with the effective operation of blinds, it does have a lot to do with the effective operation of the one who bought them.

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