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How to Effectively Hide Your Blind and Curtain Hardware

Hardware concealing window treatments.

Blinds, shades, drapes and curtains, these are all beautiful window treatments that you can use to cover your home’s windows. Each brings a unique design and style. However, they all simply cannot just connect to your window frame or wall without something to hold them up. That something is known as your hardware.

Hardware can consist of items like brackets, curtain rods, lift system components, etc. All of these are necessary for the window dressings to perform their function. While necessary, some of these hardware components can be unsightly, as they curtail the beauty of the window dressing.

So finding a way to conceal these hardware parts can become a priority, especially if you are aiming to take your home decor to the next level. The best way to conceal hardware is through valances, which are decorative pieces that are meant to complement existing window coverings. Let’s explore these valances and the following ways in which they can hide the hardware.

Cornice Boards 

Among the available options for valances, cornice boards are the most complete looking and are versatile enough to go well with any window dressing. They consisted of a fabric sewn onto a solid board of wood, which are then wall mounted at the top portion of your window. Its fabric cover allows it to come in a variety of colors and styles, allowing you to match it well with the window covering and other home decor you have. 

The board will perfectly cover the hardware of the window covering as well as adding a complimentary look to it. The board is mounted on a curtain rod using rod pockets, which directly conceals the rod and the brackets holding it. With that, the board can be placed in front of any other dressing, whether it be drapes, shades or blinds, easily concealing the mechanical components of the headrail. Its many features allow the  cornice boards to truly be the most complete way to conceal hardware.

Cornice board over blinds in dining room.

Custom Wood Valances

If the softer look of the cornice boards don’t appeal to your decor sense, might we suggest an alternative? Custom wood valances are cut to the size you require and come in many beautiful shapes and trims. They can easily match with wooden blinds or natural shades made from natural materials like bamboo. Together, they create a majestic natural looking aesthetic for your windows or sliding doors.

Roller Shades with Built-in Valances

Shades such as solar and roller shades often come with a valance built onto the roller. The mechanical components will be completely concealed inside the valance along with the mounting brackets. Roller shades come with a variety of different types of valances as well, and they are as follows:

Cassette Valance: These are a case with a curved design that the roller shade is placed in. Some are covered with the same fabric used for the shade, creating the appearance of a long continuous material over the window.

Fascia: These are similar to cassettes in that the roll is built into it. The primary difference is that fascias are flat in the front. It is available in many different types of colors so you can coordinate the appearance with that of the roller shade.

Contour Valance: These are a fabric covered metal valance that is installed separately from the roll. It has a flat front and the fabric is intended to coordinate with the roller shade.

With this many valance sets available, roller shades are really the most versatile of the shade types available. You can use them anywhere in your house, whether it be a big or a small window, whether it be your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Keeping the roller shade’s hardware is extremely easy and stylish to boot with this many options.

Keeping Your Windows Pristine

Whatever window covering you have on your window, there should be a way to get a window valance that will match it. Unsightly hardware is easy enough to conceal and you do not have to worry about besmirching the decor you already have in place. Hidden hardware is one of the best ways to make sure the decor is the foremost noticeable item in place.

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