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How To Find Curtains and Drapes On Sale With The Best Quality

How To Find Curtains and Drapes On Sale With The Best Quality

The best things that we want for ourselves often come with a big price tag. Look at the world around you, and you will find this to be true. The finest watches with fabulous and intricate designs, phones that are built for durability and the best features, and or food and dinner at the most posh restaurants. Thankfully, however, it is not necessarily true in the world of window and home decor. Premium quality window treatments do not merely cater to the rich. Anyone can afford them, as long as they know how to customize their choices. Curtains and drapes – window shades that are still very much in style because of their rich, classy appeal, boast of many different and versatile designs. However, finding the ones in premium quality can be a demanding task when you do not know where to look. In this section, we will tell you where to find such curtains, which will not only lend a marvelous interior but will keep your home nice and cozy for years to come.

The Wonderful Appeal Of Curtains

Since time immemorial, curtains have been known to rev up even the dullest of spaces and transform them into hubs of relaxation and get-togethers. They are an architectural marvel, and possess varied types based on design, attachment style, fabrics, appeal and the rooms they can be styled in. Several window treatments with fusion elements and horizontal slats may come and blend in with the contemporary appeal of your room, but curtains shall always be a classic combination of luxury, elegance and functionality.

Here are a few reasons why you might still need curtains and drapery for different rooms.

1. Aesthetic Value: Silk or raw silk might be common go-to types to prepare your room for an upcoming party, for they have the power to overwhelm a living space. However, even when you cannot afford them, there are always the fabulous less expensive art silk, poly blends and pure cotton to install on your different windows. The rightly designed curtains may easily become the focal point of the room, drawing long-drawn discussions on them and questions on how you managed to procure them.

2. Functionality and Practicality: It’s almost inherent for us to manage curtains better than other window dressings. We have grown up with having them as a window treatment in at least one portion, one window of the house. As like the others, they now come in different operating styles. Cord loops can be used by the not-so-gadget-savvy, while motorized options have pervaded the market, thanks to people who prefer convenience and comfort over other factors.

3. The Range: Yet to find another window cover with as much versatility and range as curtains. Consider this: you can have them mounted in different attachment styles: there are rod pocket curtains, those with grommet styles and tab tops, and those with tie-up and Velcro detail. You can get them in pure solid or color-blocked designs, striped and geometric prints, or those in graphic, ethic, Aztec and polka dot prints to cater to diverse tastes in preferences. They can evoke many different moods with their classic, formal and contemporary styles, unlike most other window shades.
Rod Pocket Drapes
4. Different Rooms: Thanks to the fabrics and their unique properties, curtains can be universally set up in different rooms, for they can be as effective in the living room as the bedroom, and as functional in the kitchen as they can be in the study. Some are great absorbers of heat thanks to special poly fabrics, while some have moisture-wicking properties which makes them ideal go-to treatments for moisture-prone areas such as the bathroom and kitchen.

5. Different Opacity Levels: Thanks to the various lightweight and heavyweight fabrics that different curtains boast of, curtains can have different light-filtering capabilities, from high and medium (semi-sheer and sheer curtains) to low and negligible (in case of room darkening and blackout fabrics). A few light curtains also employ a separate blackout material to keep you protected against extreme heat and cold, and this layer can be removed in case you wish to have dollops of natural light in the room.

Best-Quality Curtain Brands

Surely there are various brands in the market that claim to offer the best-quality curtains at the most affordable prices. However, you need to sift through to the right one and only claim those who have made a name for themselves, thanks to customized window blinds that last over decades with time-tested quality and deliverability. Crown, Graber and Hunter Douglas are three names that instantly come to mind. Let us observe a few of their takeaways.

Rich Selection of Graber Artisan Drapery

Graber is a brand known to house a number of uniquely designed, premium quality window blinds that range from shutters and natural shades to Roman shades and sheer shades. Their rich collection of beautifully designed drapery is no different, ensuring that your living space is a hub of elegance and comfort by offering superior light control, sound absorption and insulation. Here are a few takeaways of Graber Artisan Drapery that you must be familiar with.

1. They entail a fabulous and detailed construction of mitered corners, double-lined hems, bottom weights and sewn-in liners to make sure that the drapes hang freely and beautifully.

2. A wide range of styles, including classic tab styles and contemporary grommets, rounded off with sturdy and intricately designed pleats and gathers.

3. They protect your home against outdoor elements like glare and noise, with a wide selection of insulation liners and fabrics.
Graber Artisan Drapery

Beautiful Curtains from Crown Window Treatments

Crown is one of the best brands in the market because of a range of customized shades. Crown Drapery is one of their highlights, coming in an array of designs, styles and colors to be accommodated in any kind of decor. Here are a few captivating designs of Crown drapery that you might ponder over for your home.

1. Rod Pocket Crown Drapes: Crown’s two-way panel curtains with a rod pocket design ensures easy handling and maintenance. The rod fits the carefully designed curtains easily even as it stays hidden, displaying only the fabric part of the curtain and keeping the hardware out of sight. With style variation and an immense range of colors, these drapes are great energy savers that will bring down your bills at all times during the year. Some of the colors that you can choose include Ashton Chocolate, Camellia Mist, Everest Taupe, Fynn Coral, Lucky Marble, Lyon White, Rio Camel and SriLanka Driftwood.

2. Grommet Top Crown Drapes: These majestic window curtains are the ideal window coverings to install on big and wide windows in the living room, especially patio and glass sliding doors that overlook a porch area or a garden. Offering a neat and uncluttered look, they can be easily maintained and washed and can exemplify the beauty of the indoors effortlessly. Some of their most recurring and famous color designs include Ashton Nugget, Camellia Pearl, Fynn Onyx, Lucky Silver, Rio Stone, Wilmington Nautical, and MistySheers.

Final note: Curtains are one of the most effective window covering options, versatile enough to be installed in any room of the house. They insulate the home and protect it; however, you need to purchase them from the right brands to ensure a good quality window treatment that can last you for many years. Graber and Crown are go-to brands for this purpose, offering an array of options in fabrics, designs, colors and mounting styles.

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