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How To Find Out Which Curtains Are Best For Your Bathroom

How To Find Out Which Curtains Are Best For Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are spaces wherein everyone wants completes privacy. For this reason, bathroom curtains play a significant role in creating such spaces. Furthermore, the bathroom curtains are also used to separate the showering area from the toilet. The curtains provide unmatched privacy in the shower and prevent spillage of water to the rest of the space.

How to find out which curtains are best for the bathroom?

The following points must be kept in mind when deciding the curtains to be selected for a bathroom:

Deciding material for the bathroom curtains:

The decision regarding the material of the bathroom curtain is crucial. Depending on the requirements of the owner, the choice of the material will change. Bathroom curtains these days are available in a wide variety of designs, colours, and materials. Below are some popular kinds available in the market.

  1. Cotton curtains for the bathroom

Cotton curtains are a timeless option that has been opted for by many for a long time. It is so because they are easy to maintain and clean. However, it also has some drawbacks. A lot of moisture is absorbed by cotton curtains, and they are likely to grow mold if not cleaned properly. Even without direct contact with the shower, they can develop mildew because they absorb moisture from the air.

The use of cotton curtains surely adds a supple touch to the overall look of the bathroom. To prevent having water build up and mold on it, add a vinyl lining to the side that faces the shower. By doing so, the lining will protect the curtain fabric from coming into direct contact with water and moisture. More importantly, make it a point to take off these cotton curtains and wash them thoroughly to keep them mold and fungus free. 

2. Vinyl curtains for the bathrooms:

Vinyl curtains are a popular option for the bathroom due to its material and ease in cleaning. They save time by being low maintenance yet provide the dynamism and exuberance of the cotton curtains. Vinyl is built synthetically and is completely water-resistant which dismisses the issue of it growing mold or fungus. Besides, they can be easily cleaned with a small quantity of water and a simple cloth.

Vinyl curtains are a perfect choice if you want lightweight and low maintenance curtains that come in various patterns and designs. With vinyl curtains, you can choose from the most dynamic of shades to the more subtle ones, making home decoration an easier task. The additional advantage of the vinyl curtain is that they are not transparent and see-through. The lining is only required in lighter shades that become see-through because of the artificial light or a window nearby.

Curtains made out of PVCC are the most commonly available ones in the market. However, they are highly toxic because they are made up of chlorinated vinyl. What is recommended is to opt for PEVA (polyethene vinyl acetate) as it does not have a chlorinated base and is a healthier option than PVC vinyl curtain.

3. Microfibre curtains for bathrooms:

Polyester or microfiber curtains are another option when it comes to selecting bathroom curtains. Like vinyl curtains, are water resistant but are heavier. Even when they are wet, they do not absorb moisture. Thus, the water evaporates quickly, and the curtains stay dry. Moreover, all that is required to maintain a clean and moisture-free polyester curtain is a well-ventilated bathroom.

These curtains are heavier because of the weights and magnets attached to them at the bottom. The advantage of it is that the curtains become heavy and do not move quickly with water pressure or drafts of air. Maintaining a polyester curtain is easy and convenient as you can wash them in a machine or even handwash them if you have the time.

A. Finalizing the individual requirements:

After deciding the fabric of the curtain, determine whether you prefer functionality or the aesthetic appeal in the bathroom.  These days, some of the bathroom curtains available in the market might offer both options. However, prioritizing one will lead to an easier decision-making. If you want to have a dynamic and aesthetically appealing bathroom, cotton curtains are the best option. Alternatively, if you favour practicality and ease of use, polyester curtains are the best fit. Further, equally important is to have the correct measurement of the curtain area. If the curtain has to be placed high, you would need to opt for a lighter vinyl curtain. On the other hand, cotton or a polyester curtain can be opted for if installing on a standard height.

B. Opting for curtains as per the colour scheme of the bathroom:

Regardless of your choice in material, the curtain’s color should match the color scheme of the bathroom. If the bathroom has minimalistic décor,excessively bright patterns and print will not look appealing. Instead, opt for solid shades to give a graceful appearance to the bathroom. It is a proven fact that colours affect our psychology. Shades like light blue and white make us peaceful and calm. So, it is advisable to opt for curtains that use these shades in one form or another. On the other hand, selection of vivid colours make one exuberant and full of energy.

C. choosing between a curtain with rings or hookless style:

Another decision when it comes to choosing curtains is whether to get ones with rings or the hookless kind. Curtain rings enable the owner to maintain a consistent theme throughout the bathroom. But the risk involved is that some of the hooks can slide off the rod, clog the drain, or even injure someone. On the other hand, hookless curtains can provide more grace to the bathroom and glide across the rod easily.

It is essential to select an appropriate curtain which suits the overall ambience of the bathroom in term of texture, colour, and style. Use this guide to finalize a curtain that will add practicability and aesthetic appeal to your bathroom.

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