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How To Fix Cordless Cellular Shades

How To Fix Cordless Cellular Shades

The world is now seeing easier ways of doing our daily tasks. The purpose is to make our lives easier and less complicated. This holds true for every aspect of our lives, no matter how inconsequential it might seem to the rest of us. Shades have recently made the change to become cordless, reducing our effort and time in adjusting them, and saving our energy for more productive tasks. Despite this, there might be many problems that may arise in cordless shades. The slats may break, and this might affect the functioning and appearance of the entire window treatment. In such cases, it is not always wise to buy a new window treatment as it may entail unnecessary costs. We will explain to you the steps that you can take to fix these blinds. In this section, we shall focus on cordless cellular shades, one of the most preferred window treatments across the globe.

Problems Associated With Cordless Cellular Shades

Before setting out to resolve the issues, it is important to understand the reasons why they occur in the first place. Here are a few.

1. The Motor Needs Resetting: Cordless blinds are in place with a spring motor that needs to be reset from time to time. In fact, when it becomes faulty, maybe it is time to check it manually after removing the blinds to see if there are any issues with its internal functioning.

2. Tangled Ribbons: The insides of the blinds are laced with multiple ribbons that may get entangled. So if your blinds are stuck, this is one area that you need to check and see because the blinds may malfunction.

3. Blinds Not in Use for Long: When blinds stay in the top position and are not pulled down for days, owing to the house being vacant for a long time, the motor may ultimately need to be reset to allow smooth functioning.

4. Manufacturing Defects: Sometimes, in a hurry to purchase blinds, we do not check them at the onset. This is an important lesson for all homeowners before they pay the money and get the blinds installed in their homes through a professional. Besides checking the stuff that comes along the blind, i.e. the hardware, warranty card and so on, it is necessary to check all the components and ensure that they are working fine. Otherwise, it may cause issues over time.

5. Lack of Maintenance: Half of the issues associated with your cordless cellular shades won’t arise if you give them a thorough cleanup once every couple of days. Their setup is a slightly complicated one compared to the other blinds, as they also contain cell pockets between them that may become a breeding ground for bugs and insects. It is necessary to reach in there with a vacuum cleaner and take out all the grime. Also, ensure that these blinds are not too difficult to reach even when they are motorized. Slight neglect may pose several problems that you may regret later on.

Step-By-Step Procedure To Fix Cordless Cellular Shades

So if you are still wondering how to fix cellular blinds that are stuck, here are the steps that you can follow.

1. Place your hands on either side of the shade. Without forcing it, pull them down as far as it can go.

2. Lift the cellular shade at a 45-degree angle from the window.

3. Pull it down at that angle a couple of times. Again make sure that you are not tugging at them hard, as it may cause breakage.

4. Push them back up, and repeat steps 1-3 till they are working fine.

5. As mentioned above, check if the motor needs to be reset. You can also reinstall them after taking out the mounting brackets and the headrails. This procedure might be a delicate one, so be absolutely careful while following it. Seek additional help if required.

Final note: Taking care of your blinds is very important if you want to ensure their longevity. Despite this, there are chances that you may be facing the issue of a stuck blind from time to time. Check for the motor, pull them at a 45-degree angle, or reinstall them after doing through a thorough check. Ensure that you clean them regularly to reduce such issues, though.

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