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How to Fix Sagging Blinds: Ultimate Guide to Repair Blinds

How to Fix Sagging Blinds

How to Fix Sagging Blinds: Follow Easy Steps to Repair Blinds

Blinds & Operational Issues

Blinds are multi-functioning window treatments in your homes. They perform a myriad of functions to help you get a good living experience. They help to insulate your homes, they help to prevent energy loss in the house, helps to protect your home from prying eyes of outsiders, and they diffuse natural light and blocks out the harmful UV rays from damaging your health and interiors of the house. If they are doing so much from your homes, you too have to take good care of these blinds. You need to maintain them well and keep them clean and dust-free at all times.

Sometimes blinds encounter mishaps which may affect their functionality, but if you know the way to deal with these mishaps you can have the blinds back in action in no time. Sometimes lift cords refuse to work or they may get entangled and twisted. Sometimes the blind slats break or come off and they need to be replaced. Similarly, there are times when you find your blinds sagging.

Repair Horizontal Blinds from Sagging

Horizontal Blinds Sagging

Before you purchase any new window blinds, you should consider repairing your damaged blinds. However please note that sometimes you might need several new parts that could make fixing blinds more costly than replacing the blind in some cases.

Usually blinds more than 48 inches wide, like Horizontal Blinds are prone to sagging over an extended period of time. So how to fix blinds from sagging or being damaged?

Most manufacturers will supply an additional slat at the bottom of the window blinds that can be utilized to repair these horizontal blinds. Follow these easy steps of window blind repair and fix those damaged blinds:

  1. The buttons which are located on the rail at the bottom of the blinds, remove them first. Then gently use a flat-head screwdriver to remove the plugs.
  2. Once the plugs are removed, pull the cords out and untie any knots.
  3. Remove each blind slat one by one, working your way up the blind until you have removed the wrong or damaged slat.
  4. Replace the broken slat with the spare and one by one insert the slats back into the tilt ladders, threading the lift cord back through the routed holes.
  5. Insert the bottom rail and rerun the cords through the holes.
  6. Re-tie the cords and include them back into the bottom rail of the window blinds.
  7. Again insert the buttons back into the blind’s bottom rail and you are done.

Sometimes, the manufacturer will send a center support bracket with the product, so you may need to use it. Before you start, read the packaging on larger blinds carefully.

Replacing Damaged Slats
If sagging has caused any of the slats to break then you will need to replace the slats by following the steps given below.
1. Use a flat-head screwdriver to remove the plugs from the bottom rail of the blinds.
2. Once the plugs are out, pull the cord out and untie any knots that maybe there.
3. Remove all the slats till you reach the one that is damaged or broken. Slide-out the broken or damaged slat and replace it with an extra slat by placing the slat into the tilt ladders. Thread the lift cord back through the small holes in the slats.
4. Re-tie the cords and place them back into the bottom rail of the blinds.
5. Put the plugs back and your blinds are now repaired.

How to Fix Sagging Tilt Cord on Soft Vertical Blinds?

Sagging on Vertical Blinds
First, make sure that the tension device is accurately mounted on the wall. After installing correctly, you will need to change the tension on the cords. Remove the knot after placing one of the knots that connect the cord to the first carrier. Attach a new knot and operate the blind to ensure that the movement is still smooth. Adjust the knot if necessary. When the window blind is working fine just cut off the excess cord length from the new knot.

Fixing Sagging Cordless Aluminum Blinds

If your window shade is bending up from the bottom or sagging from the top, you will find pre-installed friction clips inside the headrail.

For shades that are sagging from the top when raised, detach the bottom rail from one side, and find the steel rod weights in the hem bar. Remove one piece after another and check for enhanced performance. Then fix the end caps again.

How to Fix Sagging For Cordless Cellular Shades?

Cellular Shades or Honeycomb shades contain some air pockets. These air pockets are responsible for trapping cold air in the winter and warm air in the summer. These cost-saving window shades lower your energy bills over time. They act as the best insulator for any window coverings. The pockets also feature some cells that keep the pleats crisp and prevent them from sagging over time, maintaining their appearance and function for years to come.

These window shades work same as cordless aluminum blinds to fix sagging. So if you notice that the shade is creeping up from the bottom or sagging from the top, then check for the factory-installed friction clips.

Repair Window Blinds – Know the Cost

Window blinds are the most popular type of window coverings due to their functionality and versatility. They are available in a wide assortment of styles and textures. Whether to have blinds repaired or replaced depends on the amount of damage and the cost of the original product.

To repair window blinds, most homeowners spend a lot of money. But the expenses for blind repair include the materials needed to complete the work. Sometimes having repairs made promptly helps keep costs down by preventing further damage.

Repair Window Blinds from Sagging – We are Here to Help!!

It can be better to repair window blinds than installing new window treatments, especially when you are on a budget. Repair your blinds now to avoid sagging and get all the benefits from your beautiful windows.

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