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How To Fix The Pull Cord On Horizontal Blinds

How To Fix The Pull Cord On Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds, just like any other modern shade, have their own set of advantages and disadvantages for the common user. However, there is no denying that they offer a fabulous and sleek look with their textured appearance. The alternating slats are a treat to the eye, especially when chosen in colors that match the hues of the room. Coming back to the disadvantages, they may pose problems with the slats, which may either break when damaged by a pet or may not open or close over time, thanks to faulty cords. In fact, the cord is one of the main reasons why the blinds may become ineffective and unpleasant to the eye. They make the blinds hang unevenly, which may ruin the look of your room, no matter how pleasant it otherwise might be. In this section, we will lay the steps that you can follow to fix the pull cord on horizontal blinds without seeking the help of a manufacturer. It is a relatively simple procedure and one that requires no more than a few steps.
Horizontal Wood Blinds

A Step-By-Step Procedure For Repairing the Cords

Ask any homeowner who has ever owned a pet, and he will have multiple stories to tell. Adorable though that these creatures are, they may spell disaster for much of your home decor stuff. I myself had a dog who’d love to chew on and make a mess of the velvet sofa in the living room, and no amount of repair and replacement ever deterred him from going for it again. These mischievous creatures, when left unattended, may make your window shades and their cords a primary target of yours. I prefer motorized shades for my blinds, but if you can’t afford an altogether new shade, here are a few steps that you can follow to fix the pull cords on your blinds

1. Supplies and Tools: You first need to ensure that you have the necessary tools handy before you follow the below procedure. A replacement cord from the upholstery section of a blinds store can be retrieved in the right size. You just need to know the dimensions of your former cord or your window treatments, and the manufacturer will send over the right one for you. Besides, you must have pull ends for your cords, which you can use from your old ones. These are necessary as they provide weight to the bottom of the cords so that they could hang evenly and right. Keep a pair of scissors, a lighter (for sealing the ends of the cord), a paperclip hook (to pull the cord in tight places) and pliers (to pop the end buttons off) handy to make your job easier.

2. Prepare: Take the shades off and lay them on a table. Take the bottom buttons off the rail using the pliers. Then pull out the knot by clipping it off and take the old cord out.

3. Thread: Seal one end of the newly purchased cord using the lighter. Then insert the cord through the bottom rail hole, threading it through the slats and all the way up.

4. Tie a Loop: At the end of the cord, tie the cord into a bowline knot after pulling it a little over the metal bar. The purpose is to pull the cord through all the other holes, right through to the locking mechanism.

5. The Locking Mechanism: When you reach the other end, you need to untie the loop and thread its end through the locking mechanism, while ensuring that the cord is on the opposite side of the bar.

6. Pull The Shade: Open the shade all the way down. This is where you check whether it hangs evenly. Seal the end by cutting the tails, and tie a knot close to the end of the tail. Button it up once the excess ladder tape and the knot are stuffed back in the hole.

Additional Tips:

1. Do not be too hard on your blinds while cleaning the dust off their surface.
2. If the blinds hang unevenly over time, take out the cord, and repeat the procedure above.
3. Keep them safe from your kids or pets
4. Look for alternative options: motorized smart shades are the in thing.

Final note: Keeping your blinds safe is not possible almost all the time. The important thing is knowing what to do in case they become damaged or faulty. A DIY procedure might be good enough to ensure that you do not spend any extra money on your blinds, and makes your blinds last longer than usual.

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