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How to Get Inexpensive Blinds for Your Large Windows

How To Get Inexpensive Blinds For Your Large Windows

Dress up Your Large Windows with Affordable Window Blinds

Having large windows is a blessing for your home décor as they add dimension to your space and let a massive amount of natural light and fresh air to enter your home. But keeping them bare will hamper the privacy level of your home and that’s why window treatments are essential to get the perfect level of privacy and light control. We all know that window dressings add elegance, life, and architectural dimension to the overall interior. From elegant to contemporary, dressing large windows with the right covering can transform the overall appearance of your space. There are various things to consider when choosing window blinds for the wide windows and cost is one of them. There are plenty number of window dressings available in different price ranges. There is a myth that covering large windows always cost extra as they need extra coverage and durable fabric material to withstand harsh temperature changes a window would experience. But that is not true at all. The price of a window shading depends on various factors which include –

• Product Material – Whether you are looking to add a simple elegant look or want to block the excess sunlight and other unwanted beams, choosing the right fabric material will fulfill all the requirements. Different light controlling options include light filtering, room darkening, and blackout material. The kind of material you choose can significantly affect your price.

• Quality – This is an important aspect to look for. Window blinds come in plastic, vinyl, metal, hardwood, faux wood, bamboo, and fabric. Hardwood material costs extra while vinyl is considered to be the inexpensive one. But the quality of the material is not only proportional to the material, but quality also depends on the manufacturing brand. For example, a set of custom window designs manufactured by the leading brands will cost you extra than compared to other normal manufacturing brands. So, you have to decide what you want to choose.

• Window Blind Type and Design –In the window treatment market today, there are multiple blinds available along with various colors and textures, uniquely designed only for large windows. Depending on the type, the price can vary.

• Lift Option – Standard window blinds come with a cord lift option. But large windows need something smart that can be raised and lowered without any extra effort. Using innovative lift options such as a continuous cord loop or even Integrating motorization and automation will increase both the value and cost.

There are some additional factors you might want to consider while estimating the price for your large window blind.
• Make sure the blind you choose is custom made.
Adding valances or cornices for enhanced beauty will cost extra.
• If you are looking forward to improve the functionality of controlling sunlight and energy-efficiency, then blackout and the thermal liner may increase the price.
• While purchasing, ensure that the product hardware is included if not, then it will significantly increase your overall price.
• When you are buying a product online, shipping is another factor to concern. Depending on the weight and how many blinds you are buying can fluctuate the overall price. In that case, you can opt for lightweight window blinds which are extremely sturdy and durable to fit your large window.
Considering all these elements will determine the right blind fit for your wide big windows without breaking your budget.

Top 4 Money Saver Blinds for Your Large Windows

In an array of large window blinds, we have gathered up the best practical and feasible window solution for you that are extremely functional and save your budget:

• Faux Wood Blinds

These blinds are extremely popular for their low price, durability, and easy cleaning. If you are looking to add some eco-friendly touch to the large windows, then these blinds are the answer. Their attractive wooden design makes them incredible and distinct. Available in an assortment of color and style choices along with different slat options that are adjustable depending on the requirements of light control and privacy. These designer faux wood blinds are easier on the wallet compared to other blinds and shades.
Faux Wood Blinds for Large Windows

• Aluminum Mini Blinds

Looking for an inexpensive option to control the light flow through your large windows while having privacy, then these are another great option to go for. These blinds are never out of style, their distinct look and efficiency make them the right choice for large windows. The blinds are extremely worthy, the metal material makes them extremely sturdy and durable to install on large windows. Adjust the slats to fulfill the requirements of natural light and privacy. Available in endless color options to coordinate with the existing décor style.
1 Inch Aluminum Mini Blinds

• Vertical Blinds

When we talk about inexpensive large window blinds, vertical blinds are one of the better choices. The blinds are made of PVC, vinyl, and fabric material. PVC vertical blinds are an excellent choice for large windows because of their sturdiness and durability. But if you are looking for softness, then opt for fabric vertical blinds. Larger louvers of these blinds balance the amount of sunlight enter your space while offering privacy. Get these affordable window solutions and bring the best of your windows.
Vertical Blinds for Large Windows

• Cellular Shades

We all know that these shades are popular for their energy efficiency feature that maintains a comfortable indoor ambiance while lowering the home’s energy bills. While talking about inexpensive blinds, these shades are an elegant choice that further can save your money. From controlling daylight to block out all light, these shades are outstanding. Available in different hue and pattern options to highlight your large windows in a dramatic way.


Now you have at your disposal a range of inexpensive window blinds options for large windows. All the above window treatments are astounding when you want great quality at a lower price. Consult with the professional designers to get the right fit!

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