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How to Get Inexpensive Wood Shutters for Your Home

How To Get Inexpensive Wood Shutters For Your Home

How to Get Inexpensive Wood Shutters for Your Home

Is your heart set on wooden shutters? Who can blame you? These shutters are so easy to fall in love with! They are a treat for the eyes! Shutters have been around for a long time. Even 500 hundred years ago, wooden shutters were common protection used outside the windows. As the glass was a more expensive commodity, the lower part of the window had wooden shutters, while the upper part had glass panes. The shutters would be opened to let in light and air as required.

Today, our love-affair with wooden shutters are still going strong. Shutters are used both to enhance the visual effect and also for additional protection against elements.

Benefits of Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters are not as versatile as blinds or shades. But they have a few solid benefits that have stood the test of time.


Shutters owe much of their popularity to insulation. The thick, dense material of wood forms a tough barrier against the elements, especially heat and glare. Most wooden shutters are used as external protection against the sun, rain, and the cold. The shutters are equally effective in cutting off outside noise. So, now the noisy garden party at the neighbors cannot disturb your sleep.

Energy Efficiency

The rising energy prices, coupled with the growing concern around global warming, is making energy efficiency a big concern with consumers. Wooden shutters are very effective in keeping warm or cold air in and stopping the heat and chill to seep in. The result is a visibly lower energy bill.


If you love your privacy, wooden shutters are definitely for you. If you are using louvers for your shutters, you can just adjust the angle and enjoy full privacy, without giving up on the view. Just bask in the natural light and enjoy the view!

Dark Out Effect

If you want a completely dark room, wooden shutters are a must-have. The material allows very little, if any, light to pass through when shut. Just shut out the light, close the shutters and enjoy the nightlike effect during the day.

Low Maintenance

Wooden slats gather just as much dust as any other material. But they are very easy to clean. Just a wipe with a damp cloth is all that is needed to get them back in ship-shape.


Yes! They do last for a long time. The material is very hard and not prone to accidental damage. It is one of the reasons why wooden choice as external window treatments.


The consumers are very aware of the impact their buying choices are having on the environment, especially in terms of waste generation. Wooden shutters are made from natural fibres and are essentially bio-degradable.

Kerb Appeal

There is no doubt that wooden shutters are great for kerb appeal. Whether you wish to create that retro look or just wish to add a neat, uniform finish to your home exterior, wooden shutters are the most popular and practice choice out there.

The Cost Factor!

The cost factor is something that might dampen the spirit a bit! The costs of wooden shutters are much more than common blinds and shades. But there is a reason for this. The cost of materials for manufacturing wooden shutters are significantly higher than other materials. Also, the manufacturing costs, especially for custom-made shutters, also pushes up the overall price.
Wooden Plantation Shutters
So, how do you get inexpensive wood shutters for your home?

A big part of the expense comes from the installation. This installation charge includes taking measurements and installation by experts. However, if you choose to take the measurements and install the windows yourself, you can save a lot on the final costs.

How Measure for Bay Windows?

All you need is a steel tape measure, a spirit level, a pen, and a paper.

The things you need to think about are:

  • Is it a bay window, or a normal window?
  • Is it an inside mount or an outside mount?
  • Do you want folding panels?
  • Inward opening or outward opening?

Step 1: Select a Frame. Different companies offer different types of frames which allows you to position your shutter at different depth within the mount. If you position you shutter right at the edge of the window, you will get 180° movement, and a position at the end of the mount will give you 90° movement.

Step 2: Get the internal measurements of the recess. Measure the width, height, and depth. Also, get the measurement of the mid rail and the split point. The midpoint measurement is essential if you want to have a mid rail in your shutter and want it aligned with the midrail of the window. The split point will be needed if you want a Tier or Tier split.

Step 3: To get the final measurements, you need to deduct 4mm from the smallest height and 4mm from the smallest width.

This will give a wiggle room of 2mm to your manufacturer.

Please remember that each manufacturer has their own specific requirements. You will need to consult with them before placing the order.
Measuring Bay Windows for Blinds

Installing Wooden Shutters

A lot of manufacturers are designing DIY wooden shutters. These wooden shutters are designed with installation ease in mind and you can install them yourself easily. All you will need is a screwdriver and a drill. So, let’s get started.

Step 1: Shutter frames come with the corners joined. You will just need to put together the two sides by putting the pin in the cam.

Step 2: Use the screwdriver to make the cam-lock tight.

Step 3: Hold up the frame along the window, where you wish to put it. The frame has pre-drilled holes.

Step 4: Drill in the screws with a powerful drill.

Step 5: Slide in the shutters panels into the hinges meant for them.

You are all set now! By measuring and installing the shutters yourself, you have just saved yourself around 40% of the total cost! Now, just sit back and enjoy the timeless beauty and charm of wooden shutters.

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