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How to Get Rid of the Samsung SmartThings App on Your Phone

How to Get Rid of the Samsung SmartThings App on Your Phone

We are living in a world of innovative devices that aim at making our busy lives simpler and hassle-free. The devices are not just working on their own, but also can be synced to work with each other. So, even when you are not at home, you will still be able to get your washing machine to switch on, or your heater to turn on. A simple swipe on your phone can close the blinds for you, or dim the lights so that you can watch your movie in peace. You can also use your home automation hub to operate your devices through voice control.

Now that the world of electronics is getting more and more connected with smart apps, a smart hub is what the next thing you need to keep it all under a centralized control hub. SmartThings hub is one of the well-known names out there. Let’s look at what it does and if it’s for you.

What is Samsung SmartThings?

As the name suggests, Samsung SmartThings is owned by Samsung. It’s not just a device on its own. It is a name that is used with other products to indicate that the device works within the SmartThings setup. Samsung SmartThings is also the name of the app that can be used to connect and sync all the other smart devices in your home.
Moreover, SmartThings is also the cloud-based system that is used to control the smart home network.

Why Do you Need Samsung SmartThings?

Now you might think why you need Samsung SmartThings. After all, if already have Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, why bother with another app. The answer may lie in the fact that Samsung dominates a big part of the home appliances market. Now many of those devices, like Television sets, refrigerators, washing machines and dryers, have become smart and can be easily integrated with Samsung SmartThings.

With Samsung SmartThings, you can get your smart devices to take the stress out of housework. You can now set your washing machine to turn on when you are not at home so that you don’t have to put up with the noise while you try to watch TV. Similarly, you can set up a morning routine for yourself, with the blinds opening automatically as the alarm goes off, while your coffee machine starts an early brew; all this while you are still in bed. With smart devices, you can redefine comfort and convenience.
Another area where Samsung SmartThings gained early ground is in the domain of sensors. Samsung supports a huge number of sensors, like water sensors, motion fire and smoke sensors, gadgets that are key to so many of the modern home security and safety systems.
Perhaps the biggest reason one might be inclined to go with Samsung SmartThings is the fact that it does not have immersive learning. That means it does not listen in to the sounds and conversation going on in the house all the time. This feature alone means a lot to people who want a bit more privacy from their gadgets.
Connecting Window Blinds to SmartThings

How Does SmartThings Work?

To use SmartThings, you need a hub. Fortunately, you have quite a few affordable options out there to choose from. If you wish to stick with Samsung, you can buy a SmartThings hub or Samsung Connect Home, which will allow you to control your compatible smart devices all over the house. If you wish for something different, integrate your SmartThings with iPhone or Android phones, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Watch, and Garmin Watches.

How to Get Rid of Samsung SmartThings App from Your Android Phone?

Some phones might have the Samsung SmartThings app already installed on the phone. It can be a bother if you are not using it. The app will keep getting updates and might use up space and battery.

However, getting the Samsung SmartThings app deleted from an Android phone can be tricky, especially if it has been pre-loaded into the phone. If the app has been preinstalled on the phone, it can’t be uninstalled. However, it can be disabled. To disable the Samsung SmartThings app from your phone, try the following steps.

Step 1: Select Settings.
Step 2: In Settings, go to Apps.
Step 3: Within Apps, you will be able to locate SmartThings.
Step 4: Locate the Disable button and press Disable.
The Disable button would stop any new updates from the App and will stop it from opening.
You can also use an App called Service Disabled. You will need the root for it to work.
This App will stop the Samsung SmartThings app from running services in the background. This app can also be used to remove the app completely from the phone. However, it is recommended that a titanium backup is used to keep a backup of the Samsung SmartThings app. Sometimes the system throws up a lot of issues if you try to install a deleted app back into the phone. The backup then can be used to reinstall the app back on your phone if needed.
Now that you have closed or disabled Samsung SmartThings, your phone should now stop getting automatic updates from Samsung SmartThings.

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