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How To Get Round Top Window Treatments

Round Top Window Treatments

When it comes to setting up your space or adding decorative items, there are various factors that you’ll consider. Choosing the right items for your home involves a very important and strategic decision-making process. At the end of it, everything together should cohesively tie together the look of your space. These factors include layout, lighting, space, which room it’ll be kept in, etc. Home decor includes everything in your home – right from your small table-top decorations to your furniture and countertops. It also includes the windows that you have in your space. The subtle beauty of windows is that they also come in different shapes that add on to the atmosphere of your home. One popular yet subtle window shape is arched windows. The elegant shape that arched windows bring forward a dreamy effect to space. But people with arched windows often get confused as to the type of window treatments they can opt for, as it can be hard to find specialty shape blinds.

What are Arched Window Treatments?

Window spaces can give your home that dreamy look. Everyone tries to creatively and innovatively decorate the window space so that it is comforting and inviting. But the shape of the window also contributes to this as well. Apart from the square or circular shape, arched windows have also become a growing trend. The arch at the top of the window helps make the window look big and wide. What people get confused with is to know whether or not there are window treatments for arched windows.

Arched windows present an elegant design and construction that should not go unnoticed. When it comes to choosing window accents, they not only need to complement the shape of the window but also complete the decor theme that has been implemented throughout the house. The conventional blinds and shades are often restricted by design when it comes to placing them on arched windows.

Here are a few pointers that you can keep in mind before you look out for round top window treatments:

• Measure, Measure, Measure. When it comes to picking the right window treatment, regardless of the window structure, it is always important to have all the required measurements with you so that you can pick blinds, shades, and shutters that seamlessly fit.

• When it comes to giving your window space the absolute best fit then size does matter. You need to be able to guess how big or small your window is so that you browse through the options that you have rather than looking at all various options that may or may not be a perfect fit.

• Which room will you be placing it in? Each room of the house brings forward a different appeal and is often used for different reasons as well. It is important to know what blind works perfectly in each room so that your lighting needs are met. If you’re placing it in the bedroom then you’d prefer introducing blinds that help in blocking out the light whereas in the living room you’d love blinds that filter in light.
Arch Window Treatments

What Roundtop Window Treatment Options are Available?

Arched windows feature a very sharp, aesthetic and stylish design. Their classic style won’t go unnoticed as it uplifts the setup of any room it is a part of. Just like any other window, arched windows can also have coverings that not only match their aesthetic appeal but also provide the window some added protection too. When it comes to window accents for arched windows, people often are confused about the choices they have. While the conventionally shaped blinds can’t be fixed, there are window treatment options that specially cater to arched windows. Some of these options are as follows:

1) Window Shutters:

When it comes to bringing a minimalistic yet cohesive look to your space, plantation shutters are just perfect for the job. You can easily purchase shutters that can fit your arched windows and just adjust the louvers or the panel to let in natural, warm and comfortable sunlight.
Shutters for Arched Windows

2) Roman Blinds:

Looking for unique and innovative ways to add some ancient style to your living room or bedroom? That’s where roman shades come into the picture. They feature a similar design and Venetian shades. From optimum light control to protect against harsh sun rays, you can enjoy it all. Plus, to add a more dreamy or starry effect you can pair it with some drapes as well!
Roman Shades for Arched Windows

3) Cellular Shades:

Are you trying to find various ways of keeping your space warm? Trying to seal your windows to protect yourself from cold winds. Then cellular shades are perfect for the job. Not only are they customizable to fit your window but, but they also lend a uniform and simple style to your space. These shades come with air pockets that trap heat and insulates your space.

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