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How to Get the Best R-Value for Your Windows

How to Get the Best R-Value for Your Windows

Why Windows are Important?

Windows are indispensable and an integral part of the home architecture. Besides giving you access to natural light, fresh air, and the view of the outside, windows also enhance the look and feel of the house. Windows add points of architectural interest in otherwise boring and monotonous confines of the outer walls of the house. The interiors of the house look more welcoming, symmetrical, and also comfortable if you have windows located in the right places. Doing this helps ensure that the interiors are never too dark or dull, have good air circulation, and have enough elements of visual interests.

Why Glass Windows Have a Poor R-Value

Most homeowners have glass windows installed in their houses and office spaces. There is a good reason for this preference. The glass windows look sleek, modern, and elegant. Moreover, they don’t block the view of the outside and you can look out the window whenever you want. While transparent glass windows are the most popular choice, people also get more translucent glass windows depending on their preference.

Transparent glass windows look great and enhance the visual appeal of the house but they also lack in some areas which can become an issue at times. As the name suggests, transparent glass windows don’t obstruct the view of the outside but this comes at a cost. These windows have a very low R-value as these are transparent and don’t provide any insulation against the outside heat and light. The heat from the outside manages to penetrate the house during the hot summers and during the winters, the glass windows are unable to retain the indoor heat and prevent it from escaping outside.

Thus it is safe to say that glass windows allow unabated heat transfer between the indoor and the outdoor space. In other words, the emissivity or the ability to radiate heat is high in glass windows. The higher the emissivity, the lower will be the R-value. The Low R-value of the glass windows does create problems both during the summers and the winters.

The heat gain during the summers and the heat loss during the winters affects the energy efficiency of the heat control appliances in your house. They have to consume more power to compensate for the fluctuations in the temperature inside the house and you end up having to pay for a higher power bill. Moreover, it also affects the comfort factor of the indoor space.
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How to Get the Best R-Value for Your Windows

If you want comfortable interiors, you will definitely want to put measures in place to increase the ‘R-value’or the ‘insulating capability’ of the windows in your house. You can do that in various ways, some of which may be more permanent and may affect the visibility of the outside space through the windows. You can use a different kind of glass in your windows to increase the R-value.

Double or triple-pane glass can be used as you get better R-value from both these options. If you prefer single-pane glass for your windows, you will be better off adding a low-emissivity or low-E coating that decreases the heat radiating capability of the glass and thereby boosts the R-value of your windows. These measures, however, can be more permanent in nature and may affect the visibility of the outdoor space through the window.

If you want an effective solution for enhancing the R-value of your windows without changing the windows themselves, you can consider getting window treatments for the windows in your house. These window coverings provide excellent heat insulation, light control, and also safeguard your privacy. You also get effective protection against harmful UV radiation, glare, and dust with these window coverings. Some variants also provide some extent of sound-proofing so that you get interiors that are quieter and more peaceful.

The best part, however, is the fact that you get an effective solution which can easily be undone whenever you want. When you want heat insulation, want to darken the interior, block out the outside light or want to ensure your indoor privacy, you can pull down your window treatments and you enjoy the same. But when you want to enjoy the view of the outside or want to allow more heat and light inside the house, all you will need to do is to retract your window coverings. Thus, you get more flexibility and control over the operability of your window coverings in addition to enhancing the R-value of your windows.
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Why You Should Consider Window Treatments for Your Windows

Improved R-value of your Windows is just one of the many benefits of dressing up your windows with appropriate window coverings. The enhanced R-value means better heat insulation. Thus the heat fluctuation inside the house also gets reduced and the energy efficiency of the heat control appliances improves significantly. This gets reflected in lower energy bills.

Apart from this, window treatments also give you more control over the window frame. You can choose to either completely block out the outside heat and light, diffuse the bright light entering the house or allow the unrestricted inflow of outside heat and light depending on your personal preference and requirement.

Window treatments also safeguard your privacy and also enhance the visual appeal of the windows. Window treatments make the windows the focal point of the room’s décor they are located in. Other décor elements can seamlessly blend in around the window frame. This provides better symmetry and depth to the home décor and makes it more appealing.
Available in various price points to suit every budget, window treatments give you access to a huge variety in terms of designs, color options, material choices, and a high degree of customizability. Thus, no matter what theme or look you seek to implement in your home décor, there will surely be some window covering options that will be an ideal pick for your requirements and taste. Given the affordability, efficiency, elegance, and useful features, window treatments provide great value for your investment.

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