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How To Hang Blinds With Command Strips

How To Hang Blinds With Command Strips

Command Strips for Mounting Blinds without Drilling

Moving into a rental home has always some advantages and disadvantages. A new place shows you the hopeful path of starting a new life, but only when it is properly decorated and maintained. Being a renter means you have to be always cautious especially when it comes to home decor to ensure that you don’t damage your rental home. There will always be some decorating restrictions and mostly it includes drilling and hanging fixtures or artworks on the walls, replacing different hardware or appliances, or creating holes on the walls to mount window solutions.

Most homeowners start with the windows as they can make amazing transformations for your decor and help highlight other indoor elements. Proper decoration enlightens your space in a dramatic way while bringing color and some positive vibes inside your home. But the main problem occurs when it comes to making holes to insert the window hardware. Almost all the window treatments use nails or screws for a proper fit. Well, whether your decoration restrictions are strict or lenient, we have plenty of solutions to make your rental home feel like your own house. There are lots of damage-free and creative window decor solutions that ensure your windows look clutter-free, flawless, and organized all the time.

Command strips are one of the easiest and simplest ways of hanging blinds without making any damage to the walls or window frame. These strips work well on any surfaces like stained, painted, plaster, drywall, metal, and many more. If you really don’t want to make holes on the walls to install your window treatments, then command strips are for you. If you are not sure how to do it, then this article will definitely help you out.

Hanging Blinds with Command Strips

Command strips follow the rule of ‘peel and stick’. These strips come with a heavy-duty adhesive which is sealed in a protective strip. When it comes to hanging blinds, you have to peel off the protective strip and press the tape to the inside of the window frame or the upper trim. Make sure to apply enough pressure so that they create a grip on the frame. Wait for a few minutes and attach the blinds properly. The strips come in different standard sizes and are made of paper which ensures you can trim them to your required window blind size. While doing this procedure be sure to follow all the instructions carefully, otherwise, the wrong method can remove paint from the wall or damage the frame.

How to Get the Right Command Strips

Command strips come in multiple sizes and follow some weight restrictions when it comes to hanging window designs. So before you hang any blind, know the weight capacity of your product because overloading the strips with heavyweight or large blinds can affect the functional aspects and eventually can fall down. You can always measure the blinds before you place an order for your command strips. And make sure the strips are made of strong and durable adhesive.

How Long Do Command Strips Last?

These strips are designed to stay as long as you want. You can use them as a temporary basis or as a permanent hanging solution.

Can I Remove Command Strips in the Future?

If you don’t need the strips in the future or moving out to somewhere else, then you can easily remove them from the wall. Take a hairdryer and run it on the strips for 30 seconds. Use dental floss or fishing line to cut the adhesive strips gently. You can reuse them for your next blind installation.


Hanging blinds with command strips is very easy and simple, and you don’t have to put much effort while doing this process. Your main goal is to make your rental apartment feel comfortable and classy. And the innovative strips will help you in that while adding dramatic flair to the windows. No tools required and an extremely cost-effective and time-saving process than you ever imagined! Take the help of the professionals to fulfill the task without any error. ZebraBlinds doesn’t take any responsibility for any damage caused during the process.

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