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Easy Tricks: How to Hang Roller Shades as Outside Mount

How to Hang Roller Shades

How to Hang Roller Shades as Outside Mount – Installation Guide


Among all the versatile and flexible window coverings available, roller window shades remain one of the most popular choices because of their excellent functionality and incredible beauty. More importantly, they can be customized to perfectly fit any interior décor style. These shades are available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and design choices so that you can select your favorite one. Starting from blocking out the excess heat, sunlight, glare, and UV beams, these shades are responsible for creating a consistent, dynamic, and lively ambiance along with the ultimate level of privacy which everyone desires to have for their beautiful home.

When purchasing roller shades, being a homeowner, a lot of questions or considerations can come to your mind, such as – why should you choose roller shades as there are so many other options available in the market? What are the benefits? How should you take the measurements for hanging the roller shades properly? Should you go for inside mounting or outside mounting for installation? Among all these, the installation method is an important thing to think about, as a perfect designer appearance can be created after a proper installation only.


And the below guidelines will help you to get all the answers to your questions:

How to Hang Roller Shades?


When it comes to the installation of roller window shades, there are two ways to go for – Inside Mounting or Outside Mounting. As the name suggests, inside mount means installing to the inside of the window frame and outside mount leads the window shades to be installed on the outside of the window frame. But window specialists recommend going for outside mounting as that can reduce the number of light gaps which your room is facing right now.

Another reason to opt for outside mounting is that the style is more versatile and can be installed on any window (for example, you can mount over oddly shaped windows). No matter whether you wish to have a traditional home or the contemporary, this mounting will go with every style and sized windows. Again outside mounting creates the illusion of enormous windows. If your windows are smaller, then outside mounting will help them to look bigger.

Installing Roller Shades


But how to hang roller shades as an outside mount?

Installing roller shades as an outside mount is very easy and simple. Following some basic tips will help you to do your job easily and smoothly.

To hang the roller shades on windows, the tools you will need are a measurement tape, pencil, drill, screws, and screwdriver.

Measuring Windows Outside Mount


  • Step 1 – Place the Brackets

After getting your product, first, remove the shades from its packaging, then place the shades above the windows where you want to place them. Then take the brackets and mark their location will pencil on both sides. Make sure that brackets are placed in the same level for a smooth and efficient operation.

  • Step 2 – Mount the Brackets

After fixing the position of the brackets you can mount them on the wall. Use a drill to create the holes above your window. With the help of screws, mount the brackets safely and securely.

  • Step 3 – Hang Roller Shades

After securing the brackets in the desired position, install the roller shades into the place and fit them with the right brackets. Try rolling the shades up and down to ensure everything is working perfectly.

Now you are all ready to go! Depending on the light and outside view you want to have, raise or lower them per your needs.

You can do this installation by yourself by following the above tips or going through some video tutorials. You can check out the installation guidelines attached to the product. Self-installation will definitely save you money while giving you the pleasure of decorating your interior in the best stunning way. If you need any assistance during the measurement or installing roller shades, feel free to get in touch with our window treatment specialists.


Roller Window Shades


Disadvantages of Hanging Roller Shades Outside Mount

There are two disadvantages as well to look for, so it’s important to go through those cons because sometimes certain rooms may need inside mounting instead:

Difficult to Take the Right Measurement for a Perfect Fit

For inside mounting, it’s very easy to measure for perfect fit window roller shades. But in case of outside mounting, it’s important to know the exact size of window shading before you install them on the outside of the window frame so that you don’t get the wrong sized roller shade.

Difficult to Install Due to Mounting Surface

Depending on the mounting surface, inside mounting is straightforward compared to outside mounting. For outside mount, ensure you have a flat surface to mount to, and if you have a moulding around your window you may need to include that in your measurements, mount on top of it, or shim your brackets if you are mounting above the moulding and it is getting in the way.


Install Roller Window Shades Today and Enjoy Their Benefits

Now you are aware of the pros and cons of outside mounting. Get started with your own roller blinds by choosing the right brand such as Graber and Crown. Choosing these top rated brands will let you select from a wide number of fabrics and lift options so that you can control the amount of light and privacy with the help of various smart controller devices. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out the best solution for hanging roller shades outside mount to ensure that you enjoy all the benefits without any interference or complication!

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