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How To Improve Safety for Children at Home

A mother contemplating her child's safety.

Young children are curious, playful, mischievous, and full of energy. As they grow and develop, they love to play with all sorts of knick knacks that they can reach and get their hands on. It is not always possible to keep both eyes on your child or children, you would have to be a robot to do so. So the best way to protect your children is to keep your home as child friendly as possible, keeping danger out of reach, and allowing your child to grow and play safely.

There are many innocuous things around the house that you may not even think about when it comes to your child’s safety. Often it is not the usual things that are obviously hazardous to your child that can get them in trouble. Usually, you think about your stove, outlets, and relatively dangerous items to keep your child away from. But, more often than not, it is items like low-hanging drapes, side tables, and lamps that can become very dangerous, and these are not things that are as obvious. So you came to ask, how can I keep my child safe from all these things?

Keep your Home Decluttered

Injury prevention begins with keeping your home neat and tidy. Now, as a parent, you know young children are often extremely messy and are often not the easiest to train to be clean. So as the adult, you have to keep the space clean for them. If you have to find a storage space for their toys, an extra box or two for everything. Keep these things tucked away until the next time to play so you can prevent tripping not just for the children, but for yourself and the other adults.

Space is a premium and children love to run and play games like tag. So allow them to. Make sure that there is ample space between the furniture and walls for them to be able to play their games, so don’t overcrowd your living rooms by over furnishing it. As the children are small, they don’t take up that much sitting space anyway, having too many couches and chairs is just overkill. As they age, you can increase your sitting spaces, the children will grow out of these games anyways so it then becomes the right time to get larger furniture.

Block Dangerous Places

The kitchen is no place for children. The stove is hot, the knives are sharp, and the appliances are big and heavy. The stairs are even more of a hazard, as many young children do not yet have the balance and coordination to successfully navigate a full flight of stairs alone. The best way to protect your child from these places is to just simply keep them away from there. Having a baby gate (can also be found as a pet gate) to block off these dangerous locations in your home will give you peace of mind that even if your child slips out of view for even one second, they are safe from these harmful spots.

Keep Designated Safe Spaces

Like keep your child out of rooms like the kitchen, give him or her a room that she knows is the designated place for her to play. Keep her nursery or playroom safe and filled with toys and books. Keep furniture in this room covered in soft, child-proofed foam and make sure the outlets are blocked off or have a protective plastic plug. Having this room will allow you to keep your child safe and occupied while you are able to do some work around the house like cooking and cleaning.

Should you not be able to find designated rooms specifically for your child to play in, try to find some sections of your living room or own bedroom blocked off to keep him or her to play in. You can get a playpen that’s designed to cover off an area, sort of like a fence. These playpens are also portable, so you can transport them from one room to another if you need to upstairs or downstairs.

Switch Out Dangerous Window Coverings

One of the most hazardous items for children under the age of five are your old drapes, blinds and shades, and it is especially true if these items have loose cords and wires in its mechanical system. Young children, as you probably know, are extremely curious by nature and love playing with items they see and are within reach. The risk of entanglement is always there if your child can reach these cords, especially if they are not anchored into place.

To counter this dangerous situation, we highly recommend switching out these coverings for new, child-safe, cordless shades  or smart window blinds. Both do away with the loose hanging cords that children can reach. The operation can be done with simply pulling or pushing to open and close, or have done with a remote control.

A man operating smart blinds.

Cordless shades come in many different types, you can get them in roller shades, cellular shades, roman shades and more. As window treatments, they provide you with the requisite light control and privacy, with the latter being of utmost importance while having children. You will want to keep strangers from seeing your children playing inside and you also don’t want them exposed to too much sunlight.

Smart blinds (aka smart shades) are operable with a remote control and with smart technology like your smartphone and voice control devices like Amazon Alexa. With the smart application, you can even wow your children who are towards the younger years of age. But keeping them safe is the priority, and without the cords that they may reach, smart motorized shades will keep them out of harm’s way.

A Safe Home to Grow and Play

Playtime is when children learn the most. They learn how to be coordinated, how to walk and in some cases talk. It is the time in their lives when they develop the most. So as a parent, it is of utmost importance that you provide them the safest environment to do so. The lives of your children are so precious and you want them to grow into the best person they can be.

Your home has many dangers and hazards, and your little explorer will often want to run straight for them. They are young and do not know any better so as the adult, it is up to you to keep them safe. The tips listed above can help you do that, so find ways to keep your home the best environment for your young children to grow up in.

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