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How to Install Cordless Cellular Shades Inside Mount

How To Install Cordless Cellular Shades Inside Mount

Choosing the Right Shades

When it comes to choosing the right pair of window treatments for our gorgeous windows, we are often at our wit’s end. There are too many choices and too many features to consider and with so much information floating around, it can be a challenging task. You can often get misled, fail to recognize the needs of your house and your rooms and end up making a poor choice. Window treatments are expensive and you often have to live with the choice you make.

Cellular Shades & their Benefits

We are here to help you make the right choice and prevent you from making bad investments which you may regret later on. There are some window treatments with which you can never go too wrong. These are classy, sophisticated and stylish and extremely functional. One of these window treatments are cellular honeycomb shades. They are among the best window treatments in the market and even if you have purchased them unknowingly you have no reason to regret your decision. They are the most energy-efficient window shades you will come across in the market. The honeycomb designed fabricated pockets help to trap air and this air acts as a buffer between the shade and the window and prevents warm air from escaping the house during the cold winter months. They can make a significant difference to your energy bills. They have a high R-value and depending upon your need for insulation you can opt for single or double cell shades. The double cell provides greater insulation to your windows. Apart from their energy-efficient qualities, cellular shades are great for blocking out the harmful UV rays that can cause damage to both health and your house.

They protect your indoors from dust, sun, heat, noise and much more. They are truly multi-functional window treatments that work well for all rooms.
Cordless Cellular Shades

Types of Cellular Shades

These cellular shades are available in different variants and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.
There are Light Filtering Cellular Shades that help to diffuse natural light, cuts out the glares and allows warm and soft light to pour into your house.

There are Blackout Cellular Shades that come with blackout fabric. The blackout fabric offer 100% light blockage and are perfect for bedrooms and media rooms that need complete darkness.

There are Top-Down-Bottom-Up Cellular shades that are extremely efficient. They come with two fabrics and while one shade moves up the other can be pulled down. The two shades are made of two different fabrics, generally light filtering, room darkening or blackout materials. Depending upon the need of the day the shades can be pulled up or down.
Top Down Bottom Up Honeycomb Shades

Lift Options

Cellular shades come with different lift options. They can come with continuous cord loop control, top-down-bottom-up control, motorized lift or cordless lift. Cordless Cellular Shades are high in demand and they can be inside mount or outside mount depending upon your need.
Motorized Honeycomb Shades

Steps to Install Inside Mount Cordless Cellular Shades

Inside mount implies these shades can be installed inside the window frame for a neat and clean appearance. Today we will see how you can install cordless cellular shades inside mount.

To install your shades correctly follow the steps as given below:

1. Study the installation guide that came with the shades. It is important so that you don’t miss out on any steps. Any mistake can ruin your shades as well.
2. Make sure that you have all the parts of the shade and the tools that you will need for installation. You don’t want to run around the house looking for missing parts or tools while the installation is underway.
3. If you are installing your shade anywhere other than wood, ensure that you have the appropriate screws and anchors. Those needed for wood and those for other materials tend to vary.
4. Position your brackets 1 ½ inches to 2 ½ inches from each side of your window along the top of the window opening.
5. If your window opening has 3 inches or more of depth, position the brackets in such a way that the back of the bracket is set 2 ½ inches back from the front of the window. If your window opening is shallower than 2 ½ inches place the back of the bracket ½ inch in front of the window. Attach each bracket to the top of the window frame by inserting and fastening one screw through the oblong-shaped hole between the springs. Make the screw markings.
6. Drill the hole for the screws with a 1/16” inch drill bit and screw the brackets securely into place.
7. Do the same for the other side of the window.
8. The bracket is spring-loaded. Hook the front lip on the inside front of the headrail under the front lip of each bracket.
9. Place the front lip of the rail of your shade on the brackets and roll it back clipping the headrail onto the brackets.
10. Clip the handle design to raise and lower the shades to the bottom rail and use this handle to operate your shades.
Your cordless cellular shades are now ready for your usage. Raise and lower the shades a few times to ensure that they are working smoothly and you are good to go.

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