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How To Install Curtains To Make Your Room Feel Larger

How to Install Curtains to Make Your Room Feel Larger

A small room comes with its unique challenges. While it is very easy to heat and maintain, small rooms can seem a bit tight at times. Your furnishings and other accessories can play an important role in making your tiny room much bigger than it actually is.

Small rooms are definitely easy to maintain. Less cleaning also translates into less time spent on household chores. It is also easy to decorate a small room. You don’t have to worry about synchronising the décor with any other room, as is the case with big rooms openings into other rooms. A small room can be an open canvass for you! A few carefully chosen furniture and accessories are all that is needed to showcase your artistic flair

Some Quick Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger!

Make it Clutter Free: First and foremost, get rid of the clutter. Clutter can make any room look small, crowded, and stuffy. Remove the clutter and you will immediately notice the difference this tiny little change makes. As light travels unbidden on the surface of the furniture, polished floors, and clean rugs, you will automatically feel the sense of space in the room.

Open Up the Space: If you are able to see the floor, the room will look larger. Remove the furniture to the walls and keep the center clear. This will give any onlooker a wider view, which helps create an illusion of space.

Slim-Built Furniture: Go for slim-built furniture instead of bulky ones. Slim-built sofas and arm chairs, especially those perched on visible legs, allow the light to pass through under them, which brightens up the room. Also, use glass side tables and center pieces, to allow light to pass through them. This will make it look like they are taking up less floor space as you can the floor under them. Overall, slim-built furniture enhances the feel of space and light.

Use Mirrors: Mirrors are very effective in building an illusion of space. On one hand, the mirror reflects the light that fall on them back into the room, on the other, they duplicate the scene, making it look like an extension of the existing room. Depending on where you place your window, you can create a duplicate image of window, the mantle, or the furniture, to add bit of visual space into your room.

Use Colors Carefully: Colors can make a huge difference. Monochromatic scheme or a clever use of bright colors can dispel darkness and make the room look bigger. Curtains can be very useful in bringing about this effect. Let’s look at how curtains can help you add some extra dimension into the room.

Can Curtains Make a Difference?

Although it goes against the grain to have curtains in a small room, curtain do come with some distinct advantages. But the single fabric design of curtains also comes with some visual, as well as functional advantages.

Curtains continue to be one of the most popular window coverings out there and not without good reason. Curtains are highly flexible and can be customized to cover varied window shapes. The fabric itself lends itself to lots of modifications. You can add a blackout lining to cut off light completely. With blackout curtains, you also get heightened privacy and some degree of noise-cancellation.

If you opt for a sheer curtain, you will get slight light filtration, that cuts off the glare and keeps the room lighted with a beautiful glow of diffused light. Along with the light, sheer curtains will also allow you to enjoy the view, without compromising your privacy. Overall, there is a lot going for curtains, that make them a tempting choice for any sized room.

How to Install Curtains in a Small Room to Make it Feel Larger?

The fluid beauty of curtains can be harnessed to make a room look bigger.

Long Curtains: Long curtains can be used to make the room taller. Even when you have small windows, you can still hang the curtains near the ceiling to create the impression of vertical space. If the curtains reach the floor from the ceiling, they would be using the full length of the room to create the impression of height, without overwhelming the overall décor. This method works very well with sheer drapes. While the long fabric folds create the impression of height, the sheer curtains allow a lot of light in to dispel any darkness from the room. The beautiful folds of fabric will create a sense of mystique and magic, while the room gets immersed in a delicate net of glow and glimmer.

Wider Curtains: Having wide curtains will also add to the linear dimension of the room. Even when the windows are small, you can use bigger curtains to make the room look wider. With light-colored curtains, you will be able to make them an unobtrusive, yet visually manipulative distraction for the room.

Curtain Colors: Curtain colors are also of great importance. If you blend the color with the furniture or co-ordinate it well with the recurring color theme of the room, you will be able to create a unified look that would seamlessly blend into the backdrop to make the room look bigger.

Use Prints: Some prints, like horizontal stripes, have the innate capability to make the room look wider and bigger. Use stripe liberally in the rugs, as well as in the curtains. White sheer curtains with dark horizontal stripes would look great in a room looking for the minimalistic décor. Ceiling to floor length curtains in sheer stripes would add a layer of understate style and glamour into your room.

With a clever use of curtains, you can add both space and sophistication into your small room, making it look bigger and more inviting, in the process.

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