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How to Keep Bugs Out of Garage Windows

How To Keep Bugs Out Of Garage Windows

When you consider investing in furniture, decorative items or window treatments, there are things you consider. Would it fit in the spots you’ve wanted to place them? Would they be easy to clean and maintain? Would it be easy to move around so you can clean the surrounding areas? Investing in items for your space, whether it is commercial or non-commercial, you need to consider how you can keep not only the item clean but also the surroundings clean. While you can move the furniture and decorative items to clean them, how would you possibly keep your window treatments and windows clean?A window connects the outside world to your indoor space. This makes it easy for your indoor space to collect dirt like dried leaves or insects. You can easily tackle this by regularly shifting around items and doing a deep cleaning, But what about your garage? Since the garage is a space where you store boxes and containers of important and not-so-important items, it is good to ensure that you’re garage windows are sealed. By doing these you’re trying to keeping the surrounding cleans while not leaving any room for insects to enter, live and multiply.

How to Keep Bugs Out of Garage Windows

While it is easy to clean surrounding space, cleaning windows and window treatments can be a bit more complicated. Insects can enter through small cracks windows and window treatments can have. A garage is a dark space that has may importantly supplies, containers, making it a perfect place for insects to not only enter but also breed too. The garage is a great space for really tiny bugs to foster and multiply. Unlike your living room or bedroom, you don’t visit the garage often. It is important to try to seal all possible outlets of the garage as much as possible. This can help from keeping a full-blown infestation from happening. Here are some important points to keep in mind when it comes to sealing your garage window from insects and other creepy crawlies.

1) It is important to check your windows and window frames. You need to check their condition if they have any cracks etc. You need to understand what exactly is the problem so that you can take effective countermeasures. This is important for a space like a garage because it is often left unchecked.
2) Prepare a caulk. It is a material that you choose to seal a crack or any type of small opening. It is commonly used for holes in the windows so that no insect can crawl their way into your home. It is important to decide the caulk you would like to use. Keep in mind the weather condition surrounding your space when choosing the material. Each material has its strengths and drawbacks.
3) Once you purchase the caulk, then it is time to begin applying it slowly but yet rightly on the cracks and opening. This will act as a layer the insects cannot penetrate through.
4) Another point to keep in mind is regular cleaning. It is important to regularly clean the windows and window treatments. This is because insects can make themselves comfortable either on the panels of the blinds or on the curtain road or any other part of the window treatment.
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Are There Window Treatments That Keep Away Insects?

he best way to keep your space bug-free is by sealing the cracks; you can also add an extra layer of protection through window treatments like blinds. You can invest in window blinds if you want to give your windows a little bit of extra protection against creepy crawlies. Some window blinds are better suited for this.

For your garage or basement, your first and topmost priority is to seal all openings and cracks. Apart from that, to enjoy a bug-free space, window blinds like roller shades with side channels are a great option. These shades not only help in reducing the number of insects that enter your space but also create the right atmosphere. They filter in the UV rays and insulate the space. If you have sliding doors in your garage or basement then vertical blinds are a good option for you.
Here are a few more great options:

• Wooden blinds not only give your space a natural touch but also keep away those bugs.
• Exterior shades provide extra protection from the outside
• Roller shades are often made of tightly-woven material that will not allow insects to slop through.
• Roman shades are another great option too!

There are plenty of window treatments to pick from for a bug-free space. Just remember to have the right measurements in place and to keep your windows well sealed. Window blinds act as an additional barrier to keep insects from entering and breeding. It’s always best to have multiple layers of protection for such obstacles.

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