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How to Keep Heat Out of Your Windows

How To Keep Heat Out Of Your Windows

Windows are a vital aspect of any structure, and this is especially so if you wish to live in a home for extended periods of time. One of the only things that will stop your room from slowly turning into a fungal cesspool is in fact, a window. Ever seen those musty storage rooms or creepy basements? Part of the reason your home doesn’t smell like that all the time is simply that you have a window that regularly ventilates the air and bathes your room in solar radiation that tends to cut down on microbial growth. But windows are essentially just holes cut into your home, and while you can close and open them, you’ll find that the summer can be quite unforgiving.

Consider trying to keep the sun out by closing your windows, only to slowly cook yourself in your stuffy room. And yet keeping it open lets in the scorching rays of the sun which only seems to make things worse. This is probably how you got here, to keep heat out of your windows. And thankfully, you will find that window covering are the ideal solution for most window-related grievances.

The task of keeping heat out of windows becomes quite easy when you deal with the right merchants for window coverings. There are many types of blinds out there that will help you curb the heat entering your home. And if you’re new to this and wonder how an attempt to keep heat out of windows will benefit you, just ask yourself this: How much would you have to pay if you wanted to keep your room cool while the sun is beating down on it through the window?

A set of solar shades would cut down the potency of the light by at least 50% (depending on your requirement) and can go right up to 99%. Solar shades cut down the U-V rays as well as the brightness of any sunlight entering your home. However, solar shades are not necessarily the best at ventilation. What you’re looking for is something that will cut down on solar radiation as well as boost ventilation.
Dual Blackout Solar Shades
Wooden blinds are the ultimate “beat the heat” blinds that are dedicated to giving you good ventilation and solar filtration. Wooden blinds do require trees, but reputed vendors tend to plant more trees than they cut down (in concert with the forestation department) to make sure they have sustainable resources.

Wooden blinds and solar shades aren’t your only option. Blackout shades or roman blinds will also be great options you can consider. However, the thing about vertical blinds is that they’re not designed for windy areas. Vertical blinds are pretty cool if you’re dealing with hot and only slightly windy weather. Picture vertical blinds in a slightly windy setting, the regular but not excessive gusts will regulate your temperature quite well.
Remote Control Wooden Blinds
Colors are a vital part of any home, and this is even more so when dealing with fabric-based blinds or shades. The color of your window coverings greatly contributes to any effort where you wish to keep heat out of windows. Lighter colors are reflective in nature, so if you have white shades or white blinds, you’ll find that they tend to reflect away a majority of the heat and let in far less heat than blinds or shades with darker colors. However, when you apply darker shades and blinds you’ll discover that the dark color absorbs the heat and radiates it into your room.

When it comes to beating the heat, honeycomb shades are known for their absolutely legendary heat absorption. Remember where we said the natural air pockets help reduce heat in wooden shades? Honeycomb shades are comprised entirely of air pockets and offer a greater form of heat absorption and control. While most types of blinds will help you save on energy costs, honeycomb blinds are the best at heat control. However, more than just the window coverings, what will really help you beat the heat would be smart motorized shades or blinds. Timing the operations of the blinds around a schedule will make sure your room stays exactly the right temperature you would want it to be. And with smart blinds and shades, you’ll find that you can control them from nearly wherever you want as long as you’re on your phone and you’re connected.

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