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How To Make Kitchen Window Treatments That Last

How To Make Kitchen Window Treatments That Last

Kitchen Window Treatments: A Lifetime Commitment

Kitchens are an integral part of any home. It is a room where you not only cook up delicious meals for the family but also entertain friends and bond with the family over coffee or food. It is one of the most highly trafficked rooms in the house, especially during the festive seasons. Good kitchen decor will always make you feel better and pleasing while making it a great place to hang out. The aroma of freshly baked cake or hot stew brewing on the stove is comforting and reassuring at the same time. One cannot imagine a home without a kitchen.

Kitchens with a gorgeous view are the best thing you could ask for. However, you may not be as lucky and can also have kitchens opening onto a street or facing a neighboring house. This makes window treatments very important. Privacy is not the only consideration. There is a need to block out the harmful UV rays, diffuse the harsh light of the sun and also insulate the window against energy loss. Kitchen window treatments are especially hard to choose because it is a high moisture zone in the house. Utensils and vegetables are washed on a regular basis. There is steam and heat from cooking and baking. Not all decor items are well suited to last in humid areas for long. Over a period of time, they warp, peel off, fade and disintegrate.

But before you plan anything on a kitchen window treatment, you need to ask yourself whether the blinds you are considering are suitable to mount or not especially when the windows are in a splash zone or over the sink. Windows in a splash zone can easily come in contact with food splatter or water and that too on a regular basis and slowly they could build up a layer of splattering grease. And the same can happen for the windows above the sink, near the stove, or heavy food prep areas. Over time, this will lead your windows towards damage or ruin the appeal of your window treatments while hampering the functions.

Although kitchen window treatments are often an afterthought, choosing the right material for your window solution and regular cleaning will make this place the centerpiece of your home while helping it last for long. Thinking about how to make kitchen window treatments? Read on to learn the ways of increasing the lifespan of your kitchen window treatments!

Ways of Making Kitchen Window Coverings:

The three factors that play a significant role in making kitchen binds to ensure longevity are followed –

• Selecting Water Resistant Material:
The treatment you choose for your kitchen window should be resistant to water and moisture as they have the capability of withstanding the extreme without being warped or cracked. If you do have windows in the critical areas then we recommend choosing window treatments that are made out of materials like vinyl, PVC, faux wood, and aluminum as they are highly watered safe and last longer. These materials ensure that your blinds or shades can stand against any splashes and spills and do not warp, crack, or mildew. Some great options include faux wood blinds, faux wood shutters, and vinyl roller shades which are incredibly durable and sturdy.
Faux Wood Blinds for Kitchen
• Easily Cleanable Materials:
While making or customizing kitchen window treatments, it is another big consideration you need to look for. The layer of food splashes or oil greases makes blinds look unattractive and make it difficult to operate them. Cleaning them daily not only enhances the appearance of the windows but also ensures the increased lifespan of the blind or shade. So if you have windows over the sink or stove, and confront food debris, dirty dishes, and scraping bits of food items regularly, then an easy to clean window solution is the answer. Faux wood blinds, roller shades, or roman blinds can withstand the watermarks and can be wiped easily using a damp cloth as they won’t warp in any situation. Being easy to clean, this minimal maintenance required blinds offer a timeless and refined look to your kitchen while ensuring their lasting nature.
Solar Shades for Kitchen Windows
• Blinds with Light and Heat Blocking Capabilities:
If your kitchen window treatments confront much sunlight and glare, then slowly they will fade away or discolor. And at the same time, they will damage kitchen decorative pieces. So you need to choose the window covering wisely that can prevent the direct daylight and heat, making kitchen ambiance soothing and comfortable while preserving the view of the outdoors. Shades that are made of superior quality materials can efficiently block out all the rays, making the dressings last for a long time. Solar and cellular shades are great in this scenario which is functional and give windows a minimal look. Depending on the window position and sun direction, you can customize them with different light controlling fabric choices.

If you can choose your window treatments based on these considerations, you can be assured of the longevity of the products. We believe that window treatments are a one-time investment, so choose the material properly which is the foremost way of keeping your product safe for a long time. You can choose the design or texture of your product that will accomplish the look of your windows while making a statement. Measure windows accurately, customize the blind with the right material and get them installed to achieve all the benefits. To learn more ways of keeping blinds damage-free, consult with the professionals!

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