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How to Make Over Your Home With Window Shades

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If you love watching makeover home shows, you’ve probably seen the amazing transformations possible with window treatments and a little paint. You don’t need a team of designers to make over your home, though. With, your Canadian home can be made more beautiful with a simple DIY project. sells designer-name curtains, shades and other window treatments and delivers them right to your home, so you can experiment with the look that’s right for you. If you’re buying window shades, there are a few ways you can make over your home for a new look:

1) Go for Contrasting or Bright Colours

If you’ve always had pale shades and neutral colours in your home, shake things up a bit. Bright, contrasting colours draw the eye automatically to your windows and to your view. Bright colours can also really wake up a room. Bold reds, yellows and blues also look terrific in the winter against the bright light and snow.

2) Try Patterns

Big, bold patterns also draw the eye. Match patterns with the colours of your interior décor for a more refined and classic look. Smaller and more traditional patterns are a quieter option and can lend an elegant look to any room.

3) Layer

Try patterned shades with a solid drapery or curtain. Or, try a solid-coloured shade with patterned curtains or draperies. Either way, layering shades with other window treatments allows you to get a more complex look and a more stylish appearance while also giving you more control over your privacy and light.

4) Go Big

Look for oversized shades in solid or dark colours. These can look dramatic and stylish, especially in sun rooms and on larger windows. Oversized shades can also balance out a smaller window and make it look more proportional to the rest of the room.

5) Think Practical

Canada is known for its winters, and shades can help you keep your heating bill down. Energy-efficient honeycomb shades can offer a layer of protection between you and the cool air seeping in, helping you control light as well as temperature.

If you’re considering a new look with window shades, you’ll want to try them out first. With, you can order free online samples to experiment with colours, textures and patterns. Live with your style choices for a short time and see how they look in different light before you buy. It can be a great way to find the right style for you.

If you want to make over your home with window blinds, visit for a huge selection of designer window treatments at unbeatable prices. In fact, offers a low price guarantee, as well as free shipping on most orders, ensuring you save money. With free samples and wonderful customer service, makes it easy to start designing your own home and making over your home to reflect your great sense of style.

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