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How to Make Vertical Blinds – DIY Guide

How To Make Vertical Blinds

Easy Guidelines: DIY Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are one of the best stylish and modern window designs to cover your large windows and sliding glass doors or patio doors. Their sleek and smooth look can bring warmth and elegance to space while offering various multiple benefits. From blocking out the direct daylight to providing privacy, these blinds play a major role in your interior. There are multiple reasons to get these blinds home –

• The blinds run up and down and can move side to side, offer smooth mechanism.
• Perfect for east and west-facing windows as they are highly efficient in keeping indoor cool and comfortable by preventing sunlight.
• Block UV rays and glare while offering semi or full-scale privacy.
• Vanes are available in PVC, Vinyl, Wood, and Fabric materials.
• Insulating feature keeps the excess heat out of the home, keep a space cool during summer months and warm during winter months.
Easy cleaning procedure as the blinds rely on a single track with moving slats.

To install these amazing window blinds all you have to do is measure the windows accurately and then place the order. But if you are someone who loves to make things on your own, then we have some great news for you. What about making a vertical blinds at home? Yes, you heard it right. You can make your own vertical blinds very easily. Making your own blinds not only makes you happy, but the outcome of beauty will definitely give you complete satisfaction and peace of mind. Remember, DIY vertical blinds can update the look of a room easily while co-ordinating the other things of your space. But do you make vertical blinds? Well, we have some cool tips and tricks that will definitely help you out. In this article, we will discuss how to make fabric and wood palette vertical blinds.
Vertical Window Coverings

How to Make Vertical Blinds?

Fabric Vertical Blinds: These window blinds can create a uniform look when properly create and installed. Secure your favorite fabric to the slats by following the below steps –

• Step 1
Find out the height and width of the blind slats so that you know how much fabric you have to purchase. To avoid mistakes, add three inches extra to the height and width.

• Step 2
Purchase your favorite fabric from a local store. Before buying a fabric, think of it once how it will look on the blinds and the window. Depending on the requirements, choose one that will coordinate with your existing décor style. Go for lightweight fabrics such as polyester which are fade-resistant and easy to work with.

• Step 3
Bring down the blinds from the windows and lay down on a flat surface. Now, drag each slat out. Clean it if dust is there. Create a layout of the slat on a paper with a pen and cut the fabric with a scissor according to the measurements.

• Step 4
Fix the fabric to the blind slat using pressure-sensitive vertical backing material. Take a scissor to cut the adherent part as per the slat measurements.

• Step 5
Take off the protective layer on the adherent and cover the side of the slats. Place the fabric on the slat gently and make sure it is aligned. And use your fingers and carefully press on the fabric. Make sure there is no bubbles.

• Step 6
Finally, put the slats into a rod or track and hang them on the window. You can get premade tracks to simplify this process, or try to create your own using rings and clips on a rod.
Zebra Sheer Vertical Dual Blackout Shades
Wood Palette Vertical Blinds: If you wish to give your indoor a nature-friendly makeover, then these blinds are the go-to option.

• Install a top plate connector into the window frame and conduit piece into the split ring hangars.
• To get the wood length, measure from the conduit to the window sill.
• Cut the wood according to the measurements and create holes (center, top, and bottom) in three places using a drill machine. Put the rings through the holes.
• Now, hang the wooden pieces on the conduit and you are ready to use.

It is true that doing things by yourself is very satisfying especially when it comes to making window blinds. Besides, you can save more on installation costs. We suggest to always go for premium quality material that will last for a long time. The above guidelines are for those who love creating new things.

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