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How to Make A Window Scarf

How To Make A Window Scarf

Step by Step Guideline on Making Window Scarves

Window scarves are a wonderful way to dress up your windows dramatically which adds romance and softness to the overall aesthetics. A window scarf is considered to be a window valance that you make by layering a lightweight fabric material over a curtain rod, creating folds in the centre and extra material to hang on each side. There are various ways to create this layered look, you can take one or more colorful scarves to beautify the windows in an amazing way. The procedure of making window scarf is simple and after completion your windows hold a sophisticated designer look, making windows the focal point of your space. Make sure whatever fabric you choose should match your existing décor style. If you don’t know where to start, then read on to learn the easiest way to make your DIY scarf and enrich the look of your windows in the most versatile and unique way.

Using Curtain Rods:

• Mount the hardware on the window and fix the curtain rod. Now, determine the width of the window frame, double the number, and note it down. This will give you the measurement of how far you want the scarf to hang from each side.To get the length of the scarf, measure from top of the window. Add all the measurements to find how long your scarf will be.
• Put down the fabric on a plain surface, fold on one side, and press the fold with an iron. Do the same process for the other side.
• Find the center part, make the folds according to your style, and secure it using some pins.
• Hold the fabric up on the curtain rod and match with the centerline. Hang from each side and make sure they are even. And lastly, pull down the fabric in the center and adjust it as per your fold style.
• Finally, remove all the pins and ready to enjoy the mesmerizing look of your window scarf.
Scarf Valances

Use Hooks to Hang the Scarf:

• Attach scarf hooks on at both corners of top of the window. Measure 3 inches from the corner of the window frame and mark it with a pencil. Hold the hooks on the marked place and fix it using a screw machine. Do the same for the other side as well.
• Install one scarf hook at the middle of the window too. For this, measure across the window and create a mark at the middle point.
• Determine the length of the window and check how much fabric you want. Hold tape at the corner of the window down and take the measurement where you wish the ends of the scarf to reach.
• Find the width of the window and double the measurement to get enough fabric to make the scarf.
• Now, add all the measurements i.e. take the length of the window and the width after doubling it. This will provide you the exact measurement of the scarf fabric.
• Once you get the right fabric length, hang it on the hooks and bring the grace and aura your window deserves.
Window Scarf
In the same way, you can add two fabrics as well to bring sophistication and elegance inside your home. Play with the colors and textures to give your windows a complete transformation. Proper customization will create a seamless and eye-soothing beauty that you will cherish for long. The scarves look excellent on bare windows as well as with your existing window dressings. If you are layering them with other window solutions, make sure the scarf fabric co-ordinates with the existing one so that they can highlight in your décor. If you face any difficulty while doing it, feel free to get in touch with the designer executives. They will guide you to make the perfect window scarf that will elevate the look of your entire home décor!

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