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How to Make Your Blinds Look Better

How To Make Your Blinds Look Better

Why You Should Invest in Window Treatments Such as Blinds

Every house speaks volumes about the people who live in it. Your personal preferences and tastes are mirrored in the way you put your house in order, the way you decorate the interiors, the color of the wall, paintings, the furniture, etc. A notable articulation of that personal touch is also reflected in your choice of window treatments. Windows are the focal point of any room’s décor and hence it is important to dress them up properly.

Barren windows not only reduce the overall appeal of the décor but also fare miserably at light control and protection against the outside heat and dust. Window treatments can help solve such issues with aplomb. Window coverings such as blinds are an elegant yet effective way of dressing up the windows in your house. Improved energy efficiency, better light control, protection against the glare, heat, and UV exposure along with enhanced privacy are some of the major highlights of getting blinds for your place.

Blinds are also quite durable and hence can be considered a long-term investment. All the advantages listed above, real savings as a result of lower energy bills, and the longevity of the blinds mean that you get an awesome return on investment over time. This makes blinds and other window treatments an investment that is every bit sensible and also essential to ensure a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere inside the house.

How to Make Your Blinds Look Better?

Window blinds provide many practical benefits and also enhance your style game as far as the home décor is concerned. However, the appearance of your blinds is just as important. If you want your interiors to have a sophisticated and pleasant appeal, it is imperative to get your window coverings right. Since the windows are the focal point of the room, the window coverings, when on display in their complete glory, garner the maximum attention. Hence, if the blinds are not installed properly, are dirty, misaligned, or don’t go well with the overall décor, it is a major put off.

To avoid such situations, there are simple tips that you can follow to make your window shadings look better. Let us look at them in greater detail:

A Neat and Tidy Installation

If you expect your décor to look impressive, the appearance of the décor items is crucial and blinds are no exception to the rule. For a better appeal, it is always advisable to take extra during installation itself. A neat and tidy look can go a long way in achieving the desired effect. You can start with ensuring that the area around the blinds including the window frame, the wall, and the paint doesn’t get damaged or ruined during installation.

Also, you need to be creative with the way you hide the mounting mechanism and the mechanical parts of the headrail. If left exposed it will not only look untidy and ugly but will also ruin the look of the blinds. You can use valances, cornices, or other such elegant yet innovative ways of hiding the mounting mechanism. You can also secure the pull cord in a way that it is hidden away beyond sight within the window frame when not in use. Pull cord hanging loose not only look messy but also ruin the look of the blinds. Securing the pull cord makes the blinds and the windows look more compact and neat. You can also opt for cordless options for that tidy look and easier operability.
Installing Cordless Roller Blinds

Play With Colors

If you want to freshen up your window dressings or want them to look more impactful and prominent, you can opt for bright colors or interesting prints and patterns. You can select the colors that contrast with the color scheme of the wall surrounding the window for better effect. If you have wooden blinds in your house, you can easily paint or stain them to change their hue and to freshen up their appeal.
Colored Blinds and Shades

Make Sure that Your Blinds are a Perfect Fit for the Window

If your blinds are not the right size, i.e. either they are longer than the window or shorter in length, the décor looks untidy and ugly. To avoid that you should measure the window dimensions before purchasing the blinds so that you buy the right size. Even if you have already invested in the blinds and they are too long, you can just shorten them so that they fit your window perfectly. This will ensure proper coverage for the window and also accentuate the appeal of the blinds by making them look concise and tidy.
Slim-Fit Wooden Blinds

Declutter the Space Around the Window

Windows are the focal point of any home décor and we invest in window treatments to dress them up more elegantly. To take full advantage of the decorative quality that the blinds bring, you need to reduce the distractions around the windows. This will make the window coverings look more prominent and due to less clutter, the overall look appears more clean and tidy.

Proper Cleaning and Maintenance

Another easy way of making your blinds look better is to ensure better upkeep. Dirty blinds don’t make for a good sight. This is especially true for fabric blinds as the dirt and grime that settles on their surface and percolates inside the pores are easily visible. While wooden or plastic blinds are easy to clean and require a simple dusting, fabric blinds need to be deep cleaned from time to time to ensure that they continue to look pristine and flawless.
These are some of the easy ways in which you can not only accentuate your blinds but can also ensure that they keep looking just as perfect for a long time. Proper upkeep and a little bit of creativity are all that you need. Blinds are a long term investment and it only logical that you make efforts to ensure that they continue to look better.

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