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How to Measure for a Window Valance?

How to Measure for a Window Valance

Follow Easy Steps to Measure for a Window Valance


A window valance helps you to transform the look of your room. Whether you are looking for contemporary, traditional, modern, or any stylish look, window valances are the perfect choice for your room.

With unique designs and rustic colors, they provide the rooms with a traditional look and are perfect for any meetings at banquet halls, living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, and more. They can add interest to bare windows or sliding glass doors as well.


How to Measure for Valances


Improve the Look of Your Room by Installing Beautiful Window Valances


A valance attaches to a window’s top. Though valances don’t offer any privacy, they improve the look of bare windows. Mixing a valance with curtains or draperies hides the hardware and gives the treatment a finished and elegant look. The proper way to measure for a window valance depends on the valance type and the place where you plan to mount it.

If you measure your windows properly, then they are more easily installed properly and will last a long time. Some questions can arise if you are new to installing and measuring window valances. How to measure for a window valance? How to measure for box pleat valance or how to make a kick pleat valance?


How to Measure for Inside Window Valance

Measuring your window valances is not a difficult task if you follow the below guidelines:

For Inside Mounted Valances 

  • First, measure the width of your windows from left to right. To make sure that the window treatment does not extend out into the room; determine the depth of the window covering headrail or bracket.
  • Measure down from the inside top of the window frame to the position on the glass where you want the valance to end.

For Outside Mount

  • Measure the width of the window, then add the return (measurement of valance’s projection) measurement if applicable to your chosen design.
  • If you’ve installed a rod, measure from its face to the wall.
  • Measure down from your proposed rod or mounting board location to the spot where you want your valance hem to fall.

For Hardware

Install the window treatment hardware on the wall or window in the chosen location, and take the measurements for the valance or treatment from the hardware.


Basic Attributes of Window Valances

Now you have learnt how to measure for a window valances but do you know what are the basic attributes of your window valances that makes your room attractive and more beautiful.

  • Window valances are available in a wide range of styles and patterns. Like – Board Mounted Chantilly Drapery Valances, Board Mounted Grace Drapery Valances, Board Mounted Gallant Drapery Valances, Board Mounted Whimsy Drapery Valances, Board Mounted Elegance Drapery Valances and many others.
  • As they are available in various styles, they can easily fit the style of your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. And different styles have softly gathered swags or tailored pleats.
  • Valances can be used alone, or you can pair them with full-length panels or shades.
  • It will improve the look of your room and will convert a plain window to an amazing window.
  • They are great for layering, but won’t block your view.


How to Hang Window Valances?


How to Hang Window Valances


You can hang valances over your window draperies to block out the excess daylight and harmful UV rays.

  • First, measure the location of the curtain rod brackets.
  • Mark the location of the first and second valance bracket.
  • Then install the curtain rod brackets.
  • Use a drill machine to screw the valance brackets into the wall.
  • Now hang the curtains. Then slide the valance onto its rod and put the rod onto the brackets and hang the valance.


Why Choose Valances For Window Coverings?

With custom valances and cornices, you can create a beautiful, romantic, relaxed look in your room. Whether your valances are mounted on a board or if your valances are hung, they will help you to get the perfect style and personality for your room.

If you are facing any difficulty while choosing the beautiful valances, our design experts will help you to customize the product for you.


What to Avoid When Making and Measuring For Window Valances?


Valances provide a finishing touch to your windows. There are some basic designs rules you should follow to avoid some common mistakes. Below are few suggestions on what to avoid when measuring for window valances:

  • The Incorrect Style of Valances – The design of the window valance should match the decor of your entire room, or it will diminish the look of your room.
  • Avoid Bad Fabric Choice – If you have a window that is decorated with light fabric drapes or curtains, you should not make a valance with a heavy material. Try to match the valance material to the curtain or drape material as closely as possible. It’s not necessary to match the color of the valance and window drapes but the weight and the type of the material should be matched.
  • Measure Windows Accurately – Measure your windows properly so that you don’t have to face any issues while installing your window treatments or valances. If you are facing any problem while measuring them, contact our design experts for help.


Need Help? Contact Us!

Window coverings offer a polished look that will complement the decor of any room. You can easily clean and maintain them with a light vacuuming or dusting. The price of these window valances is very reasonable as we offer best deals on our products. Get these awesome looking valances delivered to your home without spending any additional amount on shipping.

If you face any difficulty while measuring your window valances, contact our experienced design experts. They will help you with any questions you might have.

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