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How To Measure For Outside Mounted Roman Blinds

How To Measure For Outside Mounted Roman-Blinds
There are two ways to install our blinds and shades: either mount them inside the window, which means fitting them inside the window frame, or mount them outside the window, which means hanging them outside the frame. Both ways are popular for different homeowners across the world. However, each has its own merits and demerits. Inside mount blinds run the risk of light seeping in through the sides or the top of the window. They must also be cut to the exact size, and there is no scope for any wrong measure. Outside mount blinds do not run that risk. These are blinds that cover the entire height and width of the window. These are preferred in homes where light blocking and privacy are the primary requirements. In the case of Roman blinds, which are ideal for energy efficiency and effective insulation, an outside mount installation is thus more applicable and beneficial. So in this section, we tell you how to measure for outside mounted Roman blinds to enable a wonderful window treatment that is as pleasing to the eye as it is functional.
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Instructions for an Outside Mount Roman Blinds Installation

For those of you who are still in the dark about the meaning of an outside mount, it entails the installation of a blind outside the window frame, covering the entire length and breadth of it. It overlaps to the wall outside the frame, thus working for every kind of window. These are the steps that you can follow so that you could get just the right kind of custom made Roman blinds.

1. The Three Measurements (Width, height and depth): Measure the length of the windows from top to bottom, then from one side to the other, and finally a few inches into the window frame. In case your windows are unconventional in shape or design, i.e. if they are circular, oval or hexagon-shaped, take their maximum height and width.

2. Decide the Level of Privacy and Light Control: To get the perfect coverage and overlapping on the sides, it is necessary to predetermine how important light control or privacy is to you. If you are in an area that experiences extreme climates, it’s better that you choose complete coverage. For some light to pass through even when your shades are shut, you can go easy on it.

3. Choose the Location for Hardware Installation: For a Roman blind, it is necessary to determine the height at which the hardware will be installed. There must be a gap of a few inches so that light doesn’t seep through the top. But the gap must not be too wide, or the blinds will end up shorter, exposing the window at the bottom. Keep these considerations in mind and measure the height of the blind taking the hardware into account.
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Benefits of an Outside Mount Setup

The benefits of mounting a window blind outside the window frame aren’t merely applicable to Roman blinds. When you have made-to-measure blinds for any kind of window, here are a few takeaways that you will reap complete benefits of.

1. Light Control: You can have only as much light as you want inside, which won’t seep in from the sides, the top, or through a crevice. This is because outside mount blinds hide the frame and the window ledge well, which may contain cracks for the light to come through. Thus, you will be able to better manage your blinds, and let in light only when they are drawn up fully or halfway.

2. Insulation: Outside mount blinds insulate your home better than inside mount blinds, and are certain to bring down your electricity costs substantially. When the indoors are at room temperature, there is less reliance on the expensive air conditioners and heaters, which can otherwise entail huge monthly energy bills.

3. The Measurements Can Be Less Precise: While the measurements have to be precise in case of inside mount blinds, you won’t have anything to lose if you are a quarter-inch off the mark on an outside mount blind. You will still have a window blind that is long and wide enough to cover the entire window (just make sure you oversize the blind to overlap your window).

4. Perfect For Shallow Windows: If you are conscious of compact window space and want it to look bigger, you can opt for outside mount blinds. These will also look good in a smaller room with no focal point. So when you install some beautiful Roman shades on these windows, it will come alive and impress your guests and family members alike.

Final note: Measuring for outside mount blinds is a very simple process. Take a measuring tape to cover the length, breadth and height of the window space, not merely the window. However, keep the position of the hardware into account, and measure the height from the location of the hardware till the bottom of the window space.

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