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How to Measure Sheer Curtains For An Oversized, Flowing Look

How To Measure Sheer Curtains For An Oversized Flowing Look

Measuring Sheer Curtains to Make Windows Look Bigger

When it comes to window decor, sheer curtains are the last option that comes to your mind. Though they are an important element and help define the style of your space, over time they have faced a lot of challenges and negligence because of their transparent features. From a traditional to a modern interior theme, they can fit into any style. Proper customization from a range of hues and texture options will create a phenomenal look, bringing warmth and elegance to your place. Besides creating an improved aesthetic, these curtains provide a number of other benefits such as privacy control, light control, prevention of direct heat, and security. Because of their transparency features, you can couple them up with other window blinds or shades to make your windows the centerpiece of your house. They are timeless and add dimension to your place.

But before you get these sheer curtains, ask yourself how you want them to look on the windows, especially when you have small windows. There are many homeowners who want to create an illusion of a larger window in order to maintain the aura and grace of the space. Oversized windows are always attractive, either they make the ceilings seem higher, or create the illusion of a larger wall, and therefore a more spacious room. Sheer curtains are easily customizable according to your required height and width. The curtains can span from ceiling to floor and wall to wall when accurately measured. Oversized sheer curtains not only help the windows look bigger or wider, but also improve the functional efficiencies by creating maximum coverage against harsh sunlight. So how do you measure for sheer curtains? Measuring curtains for an extended look might sound difficult but it’s not. Following a few easy guidelines will help you to get your desired look.
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How to Measure Sheer Curtains

Before you get the perfect sheer curtain, it’s essential to measure the windows accurately. Follow a step by step method for error-free measurements.

Before you take the measurements, determine where you want to mount the curtain rod, this will make it easier to take the right length and width of your sheer curtain. Place the rod a few inches up from the window frame to the ceiling to help your window appear oversized. Rods have usually installed a minimum of four inches above the window but it’s completely up to you how long you want the curtains to be. And opt for an extended rod for extra width.

Always use a steel tape for measurement instead of cloth tapes to get the right fit. To determine the length, start measuring from the top of the window frame where you have installed the rod to the point where you want the curtain to end. You can always extend the curtain beyond the bottom edge of the window sill. For floor-length curtains, measure to ½-inch above the floor.

If you are looking for an oversized appearance, then outside mounting curtains are always preferred. And to calculate the width, take three measurements across the window on the outside of the frame, and use the widest measurement. Add at least 6-12 inches to the measurements and always get an extra fabric that will give windows an elegant and flowing look. Once you are done with the measurements, it’s time to order for your fabric pair of sheer curtains.

Note– Though following the above instructions will help you to get the right window curtain, but we always suggest taking the help of professionals in this method to avoid mistakes.

Things to Consider for an Oversized Looking Window

● Always consider extra width and height for your curtain that will make the window seem bigger. This will heat blockage and enhance the security of your home.
● Consider rod length that will match the requirements of your curtain height and width. Go for an extended rod length in this scenario. If you have two windows next to each other, then you can choose a lengthy curtain rod and hang a sheer curtain to create an illusion of a continuous window.
● The right color and pattern not only create an impressive look for your window but also create a visually bigger appeal to match your requirements. Light-colored curtains make windows look large and wide and also help to create subtle pleasing vibes.

Sheer curtains are an efficient and magnificent way of letting soft diffused light in while maintaining the cheerful vibes of your space. But sometimes an oversized looking window curtain makes your space look bigger and extremely spacious. Following the above guideline will help you to achieve the desired look and transform the overall decor makeover in a sophisticated manner!

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