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How to Measure Shutters Properly For Bay Windows

The Ultimate Guide to Measuring Shutters for Bay Windows

There are very few things in your home decor that draws the attention of outsiders and bay windows are one of them. A sought-after architectural feature which can be mesmerizing as well as stunning when properly dressed. These windows can be used for multiple purposes like a breakfast nook, or a cozy window seat where you can relax or read something while spending hours looking outside. Bay windows are always elegant, add character to any room, and have the capability to become the focal point of your space. They are a set of windows including two angled windows and one middle window. They let natural light and fresh breeze in; make a space feel sophisticated and more connected to the outside nature. The beauty of bay windows will make you feel amazed at all times but it’s not only about looks, in order to protect the interior from harmful sun rays and to increase the indoor privacy these windows also need to be covered with the right solution.

When it comes to bay window treatments, finding the right design can be overwhelming because of their unique shape and angles. But if you are someone who loves the touch of traditional or vintage decor style, then shutter is a great choice. Their classy and phenomenal appeal always looks enchanting on the bay windows. The glow of diffused sunlight through the different louver sizes will create a calm and peaceful ambiance and keeping them closed will offer ultimate privacy along with great insulation. They can easily bring warmth and interest to your arena, making it more approachable. Customizing shutters from a range of cheerful colors and texture options will treat your bay windows the best. But all these depend on the proper installation and for that these windows need to be measured accurately. Because a wrong-sized window shutter won’t fit the windows perfectly and can turn this framework into an eyesore for your space. Read on to learn the right method of measuring shutters for your bay windows!
Shutters for Bay Windows

Simple Instructions of Measuring Bay Windows

● Determine the Frame Depth: Before you decide on your favorite window shutter or measure them, it’s time to look for the frame depth-first as it can impact in measuring windows. Shutters come in three frame depths and among them, regular frame shutters are designed for 1 ⅜ inch or 2 ½ inches louver size shutters, deep frame shutters are for 3 ½ inches shutter louvers sizes, and extra-deep frame shutters are ideal for louver depth of 4 ½ inches.

● Measure for Window Depth: Depth refers to how much space you have for the window opening. To determine the window depth, take a steel tape and measure down to the nearest of ⅛ inches. If your windows do not have enough depth, still you can mount shutters without any complication.

● Mounting Type: Now, it’s time to finalize the mounting type after getting the window depth. There are two ways of installing them, inside the window frame or outside the window frame, usually on the wall or above the window frame. So, depending on the window depth and other requirements, you can choose the mounting type accordingly.

● Measure the Bay Windows: Use a steel tape to measure each window section width at three places – top, middle, and bottom. Note down the narrowest width. To determine the height of your bay window, start from the top edge and write down the smallest height. If you are planning for outside mounting, then add a few inches extra to both the height and width measurements.

Basically, bay windows have limited depth, that’s why outside mounting is the best solution for shutter installation. But you can choose inside mounting as well for a clear and clutter-free aesthetics. You’ll want to make sure that your shutters have enough room for the mount and frame around the windows, and at the angles where the windows meet.

Note – Sometimes bay windows come with more than three window sections. But no need to panic. In that case, you can follow the same measuring instructions.

After getting all the measurements, place your order and wait for them to get installed on the windows. Measuring shutters for bay windows isn’t a difficult process if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Following the above steps will make your job done easily, but it’s suggested to take help of the professionals for error-free measurements.

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