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How to Mount and Maintain Indoor Window Shutters On Your Own?

Indoor Window Shutters

Windows are an important part of every house. It is an undeniable fact that every house needs a window to let in some fresh breeze and natural light. They also add character to the house and become a part of the interior decoration of the house. At the same time, windows also need window treatments for various other reasons. It could be to provide privacy or to control the light flow. It could be for things such as insulation, UV protection, noise cancellation, etc. Indoor window shutters, one of the oldest window treatments, are still widely used today. So in this post, we will see what the advantages are and how you can install window shutters by yourself.

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Advantages of Wooden Indoor Window Shutters for Your Home


In ancient times, these indoor window shutters were attached to the window casing and they would neatly fold into the window frame. The shutters offered only two options, which were to open completely or stay completely shut. However, these wooden shutters also evolved with time and have started to provide a lot more options and advantages. The shutters started to be integrated with horizontal vanes or slats which can be opened or closed too. This gives us a lot more options when it comes to light control and providing privacy.


Installation of the window shutters depends largely on the shutters themselves because the shutters can be hinged to the windows either at a single point or two opposite points. This depends on whether you have chosen a single shutter for the entire window or you are chosen for a double shutter as the window treatment. Windows can be covered with a multitude of these shutters as well and this way, different sections of the window can be accessed. This kind of option is best suited for large windows, such as those in your living room. However, when it comes to installation of these multiple wooden window shutters, it is always better to get some external help, since this requires you to first design the window frame in such a way that it is able to accommodate multiple shutters. Once that is done and you have the shutters in the desired size, installing shutters into the window frame is a simple task.

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Finding the Plantation Window Shutters that fit Perfectly With Your Windows


Plantation Window shutters have taken over the world of window treatments from the moment it was first introduced. They are absolutely elegant and classy, making the whole interior look a lot more luxurious. In addition to that, these shutters have a timeless beauty, and their ability to blend in with any kind of interior decor gives them an edge over other types of window treatments. Choosing a plantation shutter that goes best for your home interior can be done by finding the right shade of color and also the right kind of material. Plantation Window shutters can come in three different materials which are wood, composite wood and faux wood.


Once you have chosen the shutter and the shade, you have to provide them with the measurements of your windows that need the window treatment. All you have to do is to measure the length, width and depth of the wall that frames the windows. Once the measurements of the window is taken, based on the depth of your window frame, you will also have to choose a louver size as well. You need to be absolutely careful and as accurate as possible while taking the measurements of the window frame as the indoor window shutters will be according to the measurements given by you. You can choose to cover smaller Windows with a single plantation shutter hinged at one side of the window and for larger windows, you can go for double shutters. Based on your choice you can even go for multiple shutters for your large windows. The right measurements is the trick to finding the shutters that fit perfectly with your windows and make it easy to install. Last but not least, choose the right kind of frame that you prefer for these plantation shutters and you are good to go!

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Custom Blinds and Shutters for Special Windows and Difficult Windows


Once you have taken the right measurements of your window frame, fixing the shutters to the windows is an easy job. It always helps to place the shutters against the window frame and check if they fit perfectly before nailing them into the windows. You can fix magnets to these indoor window shutters and the window frame so that it is easy to close or open the shutters without the hassle of latches or bolts. It is also a smarter and a more modern option when compared to latches and bolts.


However, if what you have on your hands is a special kind of a window or a difficult window frame, then taking the measurements could be a little tough. For example, if the window that you need the plantation shutters for is a semi-circular shaped window or circular shaped skylight, then taking measurements for such windows shapes is not always feasible. This kind of Windows need customized shutters that are made to fit for the unique shape of the window, and you’ll generally need to consult an expert or provide a template to a company for a quote.

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Another instance where you will need expert assistance is for special windows like your bay Windows or angular Windows. These are the types of windows where you have 3 to 4 windows that are at an angle against each other. In such cases, there could be a risk of the shutters overlapping with each other when they are open. On the other hand, if an open shutter of one window covers the window adjacent to it, then that would be a problem as well. Hence this special kind of windows needs custom blinds and shutters that fits perfectly with the windows, without taking away the uniqueness of the windows themselves.


Wooden shutters and Plantation shutters have their way of adding value to your home and increasing the elegance of the interiors as well. When it comes to learning how to install indoor window shutters, though it is easy and can be done by yourself, you can always find help whenever it is required.


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