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How to Order Commercial Window Treatment Solutions

How to Order Commercial Window Treatment Solutions

Tips and Tricks for Finding Commercial Window Treatments

When you plan for commercial space decoration, the first and last thing you should be thinking about is window treatments. Whether you are planning to decorate an office space, store, or a restaurant, window coverings can set the perfect mood while enhancing the other functional aspects of your space. Proper texture and color have a huge role in keeping the customers and employees active and energized throughout the day. But window coverings are also essential for effective insulation, energy efficiency, as well as proper privacy and light control. Always remember, the right ambiance and infrastructure can always increase the value of your commercial brand name. A little bit of care and a touch of alluring window designs can always take your business one step forward.

Guidelines before Ordering Commercial Window Treatments

Every person has their priorities, and depending on that, picking up a right window solution can be challenging. And that is the reason interior specialists have gathered up some tips and tricks to make your job easy.

Below are some ideas that will help you to order the best product for your needs and your space.

Safety: The Major Concern

No matter what type of business you own, the security of your employees and customers is the first thing to consider. For example, there was a time, when corded window coverings were used everywhere, but the safety commission has proved that the cords can be dangerous.

It’s always better to choose cordless or smart motorized products to enhance safety concerns because they don’t carry any cord or wire. Instead of cords, this type of shades uses a remote, smartphone, and voice-activated speakers to operate which increases the value of the space as well. Most of the dressings can be integrated with this feature, such as roller shades, cellular shades, and many more.

You can install Graber plantation shutters as well which come without cords.

Graber Plantation Shutters

Fire retardant window shades should always be the second consideration when it comes to safety. These kinds of blinds generally consist of materials that are fire-rated, such as aluminum, faux wood, or even some vinyl/polyester fabrics.

The Style You Choose Matters

When people enter a space, the first thing that they will notice is the ambiance and look of the interior, especially when you have a restaurant. Whether you wish to go for a modern style or the traditional one, investing in window decoration can attract the customers. And in the case of office space, a proper look can motivate the employees and make them productive. So, with a decorative style and makeover, all you can gain is profit.

Popular window styles include roman shades, shutters, or pleated shades that can fit any style. Even when the fashion trend changes, these products will never go out of style.

Custom Roman Shades

All the shades and blinds come in unique design styles, colors, and textures to match your needs. Customize and enjoy their seamless beauty life long while making your customers feel pleasing and relaxed.

Functional Features

Every business needs flexibility and smoothness to run it successfully. And for that, your window shades should have some functional values or properties which include – light control, preventing UV rays and glare, privacy, and energy-efficiency.

  • Light Control – Everyone adores a soft glowing light to work properly or to enjoy the current situation. But when it gets too hot, people start feeling exhausted. Diffusing the excess daylight is necessary, and that is the reason window designers recommend choosing room darkening or blackout fabric to control the sunlight. A proper amount of light can set the perfect mood. When you have large windows, you need proper lighting adjustment. To resolve all these issues, custom roller shades are an ideal choice. The roll-up mechanism will offer you and your commercial space people the ultimate pleasure and comfort.
  • Glare Issue – In any workspace, controlling glare is important to work efficiently. For example, when you are working on your laptop, a small amount of glare can create issues between the work. Window treatments can prevent all the glare and increase the productivity of the work.
  • UV Rays – Protect the valuable furnishings from sun damage by mounting window treatments.
  • Energy-efficiency – Whether you are running an office space or a café, saving energy is the main priority. Most of the window shadings have insulation property to maintain the flow of heat gain and heat loss processes. Cellular honeycomb shades are excellent when it comes to energy-efficiency as they have the highest R-value, which is 3.5 – 5 (R-value denotes the capacity of an insulating shade; highest value means the most significant insulation). All blackout window shades are excellent at reducing heat from direct sunlight and can help lower your energy bills.

Blackout Window Shades

  • Privacy – Protection is an important factor for commercial areas. Whether working or just relaxing, everyone wants their privacy. Make sure your choice of window solution provides the privacy required for your space.

An Outside View

If you have a beautiful view outside of your office space or restaurant, then it’s evident that people would like to enjoy that while working or having food. So you can go for solar window shades which have different openness factors to look outside.

Solar Window Shades

But make sure you select some eye-soothing and neutral colors and patterns for the window covering that will make a sense for space.

Price Factor

This is the most vital factor and consideration to look for. Achieving the right look and mood with right window dressings always matters. So don’t go for those shades which are reasonable but low-quality because that will not provide the windows a proper look. High-quality products will create a sophisticated beauty that everyone will adore.


Window treatments are a one-time investment, so longevity and sustainability of the window treatments are essential. Plantation window shutters are the perfect example in this case, which uses durable slats for operation and lasts for a lifetime without any damage.

There is a variety of window treatments to decorate your commercial zones. Room comfort and design – these two are common factors while decorating any space. The right design can have a huge impact on your business. No matter what types of shades or blinds you select, make sure it suits the interiors of your space. And clean the blinds daily to keep them looking good. By using these guidelines and consulting with the professional executives, you will find the right window treatment design.

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