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How to Prepare Your Yard for Spring

A beautiful yard.

Often one of the first things you think about when the weather warms and the snow melts are those wonderful outdoor barbecues with delicious food, a cold beverage, and great company. But before you can do this, you want your yard to be presentable, so you will want to keep a few things on your checklist. Things like preparing your lawn, cleaning your patio or deck, cleaning your rain gutter, and finding good outdoor decor for your yard.

Prepare your Tools

When the snow turns into rain, you will want to put away your shovels and snowblowers and bring out your lawn mower, hedge trimmers, and yard cleaning products. Spring lawn care often entails caring for the grass and preventing weeds from taking over. A green lawn also means having no bare patches, so placing grass seeds early in the spring will mean your yard will be ready during the warmer months of the barbecue season.

During the growing season of April and May, this is the time to cover any bare spots, remove weeds, and beautify your yard. It is also the time to be cleaning, as snows can often bring with it a lot of dirt and debris. Once the yard has been cleaned and the lawn repaired, it’s time to bring in some color and decor to the place.

Gnomes, Chairs and Flowers

There are a multitude of ways you can choose to decorate your backyard space. You can opt to build a little garden, with plants, maybe a waterfall, and garden gnomes. You can create a fire pit and have seats surrounding it for people to sit around. Whatever your vision for your backyard decor, you can find a way to do it.

If you intend to host a lot of parties and barbecues, then you need to set up the place to be able to keep everyone comfortable. Apart from your grill and backyard table, you need chairs, lots and lots of chairs. Everything from folding lawn chairs, to benches need to be utilized, especially if you are having large gatherings.

Apart from creating a comfortable place, it needs to be aesthetically appealing as well. Adding features like tiki torches and lamps will light it up well, and if you have a deck or an overhanging roof, then outdoor solar shades to enclose the space.

Outdoor Solar Shades

Solar shades are a type of roller shade that allow you to see through to the side with more light, while maintaining privacy on the darker side. So during daylight hours, you and your friends and family will be concealed from potential onlockers, keeping your festivities private.

Solar shades on a deck.

Exterior solar shades also have a motorized version. Motorized solar shades have an attached motor to operate them going up and down, and they can be controlled with a remote control or with your smart devices. The added convenience and privacy of these solar shades will really set your backyard apart and will make it the place to be during the warmer months of the year.

With outdoor shades, you can help partially block the sun, creating a cooler and more protected place to be within your yard. Just because you are having a good time does not mean that you shouldn’t be safe from UV rays. 


Backyards take a lot of work to maintain and upkeep throughout the year, and this fact is especially true in the spring after the snow melts. But all that work should be rewarded with peace, relaxation, and enjoyment. So when doing all the cleaning, the upgrading, and the redorcating, think of all the delicious food, the cold beverages, and the wonderful company coming your way when the work is done.

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