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How to Program Your Somfy Remote For Your Awning

How To Program Your Somfy Remote For Your Awning

Programming Awning Somfy Remote for Easy Operation

An awning is a unique and solid architectural element that looks like a short roof that is installed over a window or door. Mostly you will find this type of design in the residential areas, stores, or office areas. They are considered to be one of the most versatile and spectacular additions to any arena. They also help to add curb appeal to your space. They come in a range of colors and style choices to add a great dimension to any exterior place. While standard windows open sideways, awning windows tend to open skyward. These awnings offer multiple practical and functional values to your space and play a significant role in making a comfy living.

Though awnings are stylish and flexible, if you want more from these solutions then motorize your awnings to get the best results. Making them automated has many values that make your life easier and simple than before. All you need is a remote control that will allow you to raise or lower them as per your wish and convenience. But the question is how to program a Somfy awning remote? No matter whether you are a beginner or have lots of experience in the window fashion industry, knowing the right ways will help you to achieve all the benefits and luxury without any complication. In this article, we will show you how to set the limits of your awning remote and how to program them individually or in a group!
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Step by Step Instructions for Programming Your Somfy Remote for an Awning

● Press and hold the up and down button until the awning jogs (in and out movement) and check for the direction of operation. Press the down button to ensure the awning is moving out. And then press and hold the up button to move the awning to the desired inner limit. Release the button once it reaches the desired location.
● Now, press and hold ‘my’ and down button together until the awning moves out and then release. Use ‘my’ button to keep the awning at the preferred outer limit position.
● Press and hold ‘my’ and up button together until the awning moves in and then release. Use ‘my’ button to keep the awning at the preferred inner limit position.
● Press and hold ‘my’ until the awning jogs.
● Lastly, you will find a program button on the back of the remote, press and hold it until the awning jogs. And the limits are set for your awning. Later on, you can adjust them as well as per your needs.

Program Awning Individually or As a Group

Awnings use Somfy’s Radio Technology that enables the awning to work effectively and seamlessly without any hassle. You can operate them individually or in a group using different remote controls.

● Single Channel Remote: This remote control operates one individual awning or a group of awnings, bringing the ultimate luxury and pleasure to your space.

● Five Channel Remote: This remote control provides more versatility and feasibility, can access one individual or group of awnings at the same time.

● Sixteen Channel Hand-held Remote: These remotes let you operate 16 individual or groups of awnings within a range of 65feet. Using these remote controllers you can adjust the awnings as per your preferences and requirements.

Benefits of Automated Awnings

● Motorized awnings come with a sun sensor option that automatically lowers the solution and protects the inside of your house from heat and direct daylight in order to maintain a pleasant atmosphere. Your furniture and other valuable belongings will be also protected from the harsh UV rays.
● Raise and lower awning without any movement. Use a remote to access them as per the convenience.
● Come with a wireless wind sensor that raises your awning automatically to stand against the harsh wind conditions.
● The awning helps you to create another room of your home by maintaining a perfect ambiance for relaxing and enjoying with the close ones.

If you have more than one awning, then a remote mechanism makes it easy to operate them all at the same time. Programming your Somfy remote for the awning is not that difficult as it sounds. Following the above steps will make your job done easier and simple. But still, it’s suggested to look for professional help or ask the manufacturers before you get started for error-free programming!

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