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How to Properly Close Window Blinds Without Damaging It

How To Properly Close Window Blinds Without Damaging It

Caring for your Blinds

Choosing the right window treatment for your windows can be a challenging task. Being bombarded with a variety of window shades and blinds of different designs, colors and patterns makes the task of zeroing down on a single covering prove to be quite a time consuming affair. Once you have successfully made a choice it is time to get them customized for your windows using the right measurements. Error in measurements can badly ruin your window treatment experience. They will make a poor fit which will also affect their functionality. Once you receive the shades it is time to get them installed and mounted with accuracy. A miscalculation in installation can also ruin your blinds. If you are unsure, professional expertise is always recommended.

If you think your job ends with choosing, purchasing and installing your blinds and shades, you are wrong. Taking good care of your window treatments and operating them with caution is your responsibility and will ensure longevity and durability of the shades.

How to Operate Blinds with Care

Let us take a brief look at how to operate, close, open, raise and lower your blinds so as not to damage them.

Roller Blinds

• Raise and lower the blinds by pulling the chains downwards.
• Ensure that the chain does not rub against the fabric while raising or lowering the blinds as it will cause the fabrics to fray over a period of time. Remember that this is not covered under warranty.
• While lowering the blinds take care not to lower the blinds so far that the clear ball stopper that is located on the chain hits the control unit. This can cause the control unit to break over a period of time.
• While opening the window make sure that the blinds are pulled up first. Pushing hands around the blind can damage the fabric.
Blackout Roller Shades

Venetian Blinds

• If you are using venetian blinds then keep the following pointers in mind when operating them.
• For tilting the slats pull the tilt cords up or down.
• To raise the blinds, open the slats and pull the toggle with multiple cords down. Release the cords slowly and the blinds will lock in place.
• For lowering the blinds gently release the cord lock. Pull the cord towards the centre of the blinds and then let the cords slip through your fingers.
• Remember that these blinds are not designed to be pulled regularly. Pulling the blinds up and down regularly can cause the cords to fray over a period of time.
Closing Window Blinds

Vertical Blinds

• To open the vanes you need to pull the chain one way and to close it you need to pull the vanes the other way.
• To open the blinds you need to turn the vanes in such a way that they are fully open, which is 90 degrees to the window. Then pull the cord one way to open the blinds and the other way to close it.
• While opening a window or sliding a glass door behind your blinds take care to open the blinds first. Pushing hands through the vanes can cause irreparable damage to the blinds.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

• To tilt the slats of the blinds twist the wand to your left or right.
• If you want to raise the blinds, open the slats and then pull the cords down and away from the center of the blinds. Releasing the cords slowly will allow the blinds to lick into place.
• To lower the blinds pull the cords towards the centre of the blinds and allow the cords to slide through the fingers.
• When lowering or raising the blinds, make sure that the slats are open.
• When you want to open the window behind the blinds, first pull the blinds up first. Pushing your hands through the vanes can cause the blinds to get ruined.

Operating your blinds is not a difficult task nor do you have to follow any process. There are few things that you should keep in mind. For example, if you want to open a window or a door that has blinds, make sure that the blinds are raised. Trying to open the window or the door by putting hands through the vanes is not a good idea. Keeping slats open while raising or lowering blinds is another important pointer. Blinds are sturdy but much depends upon how they are handled. Rough handling, raising and lowering the blinds in a rush without taking care of whether they are scratching against any surface or putting hands through vanes can reduce the longevity of the blinds and harm their functionality beyond repair. Many of these damages are not covered by a warranty which means that you will have to shell out extra money to get them repaired while replacement will cost a bomb.

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