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How To Properly Dress A Window In A Wet Room

How To Properly Dress A Window In A Wet Room


With regards to covering a wet room window, its capacity to resist water and moisture is key in decision making. If the window treatment material is not water-resistant, it will get warp and peel off very easily. Every bathroom is considered a wet room, but if you live in humid areas, even the kitchen windows will need water-resistant window coverings.

At commercial properties, there are production plants which are very wet and humid. If you are covering the windows for such plants, then your window covering must be water-resistant in nature. Sauna bath rooms, steam bath rooms, jacuzzi rooms in salons, spas, and gymnasiums too are other examples of wet rooms. If these wet rooms with windows need to be covered properly, then we would recommend you to use one of the following window treatments.

  • 1 Inch Aluminum Insignia Graber Blinds

1 Inch Aluminum Graber Insignia Mini Blinds is a perfect choice for windows in wet rooms. You can choose from an assortment of 25 colors and they are available in solid shades. Whether you like darker shades or the lighter ones, you will definitely find something here.

Camel 625, Cement 983, Subtle Gray 963 are very neutral colors and often match the colors of the bathroom tiles and walls. If you want to play with the contrast combinations then Merlot 653, Deep Blue 089 etc. will suit very well if you have white ceramic tiles on your floor. If your wash basins, bath tub and commode are also white in color, then you can add a dash of color in the window coverings and make your bathroom look colorful and inviting.

All other variants of Aluminum vertical blinds, too, are also moisture and water resistant. With this, you can choose from our large bouquet of affordable blinds. The above variant is one of the bestsellers on our website and the home-owners prefer it for their wet rooms with windows a lot.

2 Inch Graber Traditions Composite Blinds –

Our custom composite blinds exude elegance with appearance being very close to real wooden blinds. Composite Window Blinds are made of durable materials which are resistant to moisture and temperature. Compared to faux wood blinds, composite blinds feel and look more like real wood.

2 Inch Graber Traditions Composite Blinds are exceptionally versatile as these can be used in highly humid areas like bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens as well as in bedrooms and living rooms. Priced at around $100 for a 24×24 inch window covering, they will not dig a hole in your pocket either.

They are manufactured from eco-friendly material, and will last for years. They are user-friendly as they are extremely lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Due to their weather-proof texture, they are suitable for most of the extremely cold cities. They are known for their insulation properties, hence, they will keep your energy bills low. They will allow the right amount of filtered sunlight inside your interiors and will keep your family warm and cosy.

  • 2½ Inch Lake Forest Graber Faux Wood Blinds –These blinds look like real wood blinds and are made of a newer synthetic PVC/vinyl material. For your wet rooms with windows these blinds are perfect as they are highly durable, affordable, and are warp and crack-resistant. Their water and damp-proof properties make them ideal for your bathrooms and kitchens at home.

From the house of Graber, we have brought this affordable variant of blinds which have great light controlling capabilities. They are extremely budget-friendly and are priced under $100 for one piece of customisable window covering.

The shades like Wheat 7710, Honey Maple 7013, Golden Oak 7030 and many others look so close to the real wood finish that you will keep on looking at these blinds after mounting them. You will feel very proud of your selection and your taste will be appreciated by your friends and neighbors.

Since these have 2 ½ inch slats, the number of slats in these blinds will be less, and each piece of window covering will be quite light-weight. You can install two to three blinds on one headrail depending on the width of your window.

  • 2 Inch Vinyl Graber Blinds – Coming from the house of Graber, these blinds are one of the most beautiful and sturdy blinds that are made with great efficiency and craftsmanship. There are more than fifty colors and patterns to choose from, and you will surely be spoilt with the varieties. You will have a guaranteed peace of mind as there is a Limited Lifetime Warranty available for these blinds.

If you want to clean any dirt or stain just wipe it with a sponge or damp cloth. If you need to use a vacuum cleaner, you can use it at a low intensity. Their higher longevity and resistance to water makes them perfect for sauna rooms, steam rooms, and bathrooms. So, if you have multiple wet rooms with windows in your home and business, think no more. Finding an affordable window covering with a great look is no longer a task.

  • Maxxmar PVC Vertical Blinds – This one is for those who are looking for Canadian-made goods.

These window blinds are specially designed to prevent the direct stream of daylight, and UV rays. Since these blinds are water and moisture resistant, they are perfect for high humidity areas like kitchens, bathrooms, spa rooms and laundry rooms.

The light pastel colors with subtle prints on variants like Mexico Sand 16-5240-24, Nashville Pewter 16-6083-95, Sparta White 16-8707-01 will give a very elegant and classy look to your bathroom. But if you are planning to cover the wet rooms with windows for your kids, then you can think of making it a little colorful. Prague Clay 16-7703146, Bangor Buckeye 16-1163-26, or Glasgow Taupe 16-3503-23 might be a more appropriate choice for window coverings.

  • LightWeaves Graber Roller Shades –

LightWeaves Graber Roller Shades are made in various polyester blends. You can choose between sheer to light-filtering options and the range to choose is very vast.

The assortment of colors and patterns will leave you spell-bound and you surely will be confused amidst the ocean of choices.

This variant of window treatment is ideal for kitchen, laundry room, sauna room, jacuzzi room, and bathrooms as it is water-resistant and fire-proof too. Riverbend Khaki 01007, Sheffield Weathered 13106, ConservancyLF Golden Morel 14713 and many others are neutral shades which match with most decor. However, if you love floral patterns, then you can choose Renaissance Blushed Paradise 16801 or ArboretumLF Sirius 13603 and a few others. You can buy matching shower curtains and give a soothing look to your bathroom. We assure that you will look forward to that time of the day when you take your bath.


To conclude, this list shows 5 great options for window coverings in wet rooms. Choose among the style, material, and functionality that best suites your needs and budget.

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