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How to Properly Measure Curtains for Home Theater Windows


Designing your home theater system is a dream-come-true for many of us. There is no feeling like watching a movie within the comforts of your own home, yet with all the splendor and glamour that comes with a movie theater.

If cinemas are your passion, designing a beautiful home theater can be a great use of your free time. With the current situation going to movie theatres are quite out of reach and bringing the movies home is the next best thing.

How to Decorate a Home Theater

Once you get the all-important gadgets and gizmos in place, you can turn your attention to aesthetics. After all, a cozy room is a must for a home theater setup. Let’s look at the first primary steps that would take you to your perfect home theater setup.

Select a Room: At this stage, you probably have already made up your mind about which room to use. If not, then free up your basement space for your home theater. Basements are ideal, as they are secluded and admit little light. It will make it easy for you to control light and sound, two key elements in setting the right ambiance for a home theater.

Paint the Walls: Carefully select a color for the walls. Your wall colors should not deviate your attention from the screen. To ensure that, select a dark color for your walls. The dark color would absorb any other light and keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Selecting the Seats: To recreate the feel of the movies, select plush rugs and comfy sofas. There is nothing more comfortable than leather recliners. Make sure to have side tables or cup holders in hand to keep aside the drinks and popcorn bowls when needed.

Make Space: Maximize the available space with the use of modular furniture, and wall storage systems. Make sure that the electronics take up very little floor space, and the wiring, which ideally would go around the whole room, should be hidden from plain view. Use discreet lighting to keep the attention away from equipment and firmly onto the screen.

Select Proper Window Coverings: Your window coverings will have a big impact on the overall ambiance of the room. Windows lets in plenty of light and sound, along with heat and chill. So, having an appropriate window covering is vital for your home theater. The best window treatment solution for a home theater is blackout curtains.
Blackout Roller Blinds for Media Room

Why Blackout Curtains are the Best for Home Theaters

Blackout curtains are a must for any media room. You cannot have the sunshine on your screen just as you start enjoying the movie. The light rays can also severely reduce the picture quality and mar the whole experience. However, light control is not the only reason why homeowners opt for blackout curtains for their home theater room.

The Blackout Effect: With blackout curtains, you can create a night-like effect even during the day. Just shut them close and enjoy the pitch-dark feel that is usually associated with movie halls. The thickly woven material of the blackout curtains is specifically designed to cut off light to up to 90%. Also, with curtains, the long drapes are perfect for covering up large windows or awkwardly shaped windows that might be otherwise difficult to manage. For this reason, blackout curtains are the first choice when it comes to decorating home theater windows.

Heightened Acoustics: The thick material of blackout curtains also is very effective in blocking outside noise. Once they are drawn, you can immerse yourself completely in the home theater acoustics. Some blackout curtains are specially designed to reduce echo. This way, you get to enjoy your movie in peace, even in a busy neighborhood.

Insulation: Blackout curtains are great for insulation. The thick materials are very effective in reducing heat transfer through your windows. This feature will not only save energy and cut down on bills, but it will also keep your home theatre cozy and comfortable.

Ambiance: Finally, these curtains are available in a variety of prints and designs. So, you will not have any difficulty in finding one that suits your décor concept perfectly. After all, curtains do take up a big portion of the wall, and would one the key elements in your design scheme.

How to Properly Measure Curtains for Home Theater Windows

Once you have made your selection, you will have to get into the technicalities of getting a blackout curtain. The first and most important step is getting the right measurements.

The first step to measuring for your curtain is to know the measurements for the track or curtain pole. It is advisable to put the track or pole 15-20 cm above the window, as well as leave 15-20 cm on either side of the window in width.

Now use a metal tape measure to measure the width of the window. For the final curtain measurement, add 20 cm on either side of the window.

For the drop, it is recommended that the curtain should at least reach 15 cm below the window sill or it should reach the ground. This would ensure that no gap remains between the window sill and the curtain, which would let in both light and sound from outside.

The measurement of the curtain will also depend on the style you have selected. The width of the curtain will determine the fullness of your curtain. For proper fullness, your curtain should measure the double of your window width. For blackout curtains, you can add up to 2.5 times the real width of the window to allow for a luxurious look. The extra folds of the curtain would also make the curtains more effective.

Harness the full potential of blackout curtains to enhance the look and feel of your home theater and create the perfect setting for enjoying a lovely movie with friends and family.

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