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Sun reflecting window shades.

On warm days, sunlight pouring into your house can become oppressive and overwhelming, sometimes bringing a lot of excess heat with it. While sunshine can be very inviting and welcoming at times, if left unchecked, it can generate a lot of heat inside your house. So here we are going to suggest a few ways to help block sunlight heat out with some of the best window coverings available.

If sunlight heat from windows are unchecked, you can end up having to blast your air conditioning to cool your home, leading to an increasing energy bill.  Windows being made of glass really amplify the strength of the heat generated by the sunlight. The best way to block heat from the windows is to use blackout shades.

Blackout fabrics do not allow light to penetrate through them, and many often have a white, window facing fabric, which helps to reflect the sunlight back out into the street. With blackout fabrics, it does not matter if you use light colored fabrics or dark, both will do the job in blocking out the light and UV rays. Now you are probably thinking which types of shades do the best job at this, and we will explore them with you now.

Blackout cellular shades in a bedroom.

Cellular Shades

In terms of cost effective window treatments, there is no comparison with cellular shades. Not only will the blackout fabric prevent the building up of solar heat gain at the window frame, any incoming outdoor warm air will also be trapped by the shades. This is due to the hexagonal pocket structure of cellular shades.

The same air trapping will apply to the shades during winter as well. They will prevent heat loss as the heated indoor air will be trapped inside and the cold outdoor air kept outside. So in terms of helping you conserve on your energy usage and energy bills, blackout cellular shades simply work the best. 

Roller Shades and Solar Shades

Roller shades provide an economical look and an economical style. Simply, they are a single fabric that is rolled up into a tube that rolls up and down in front of your window. Like cellular shades, blackout roller shades will have a white window facing side, helping to deflect the sunlight out.

With its single material, roller shades are valued for their simple yet effective look. You don’t need to think too hard about how you will need to mix it into your decor, it simply exists to do its job. The goal of light control is easily achieved without having to work in a difficult style of window covering with these shades.

Similar to roller shades, solar shades are great for controlling solar heat gain while leaving you with a view of the outdoors. As its name suggests, solar shades are great for adding a layer of protection from the sun on your window. However, unlike blackout fabrics, solar fabrics are see-through to the side where there is more light, allowing you to have a great view of the outdoors during daylight hours. Although the light is allowed in, it is a muted amount, preventing an excess of solar heat gain and keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

Roman Shades

If your decor style is calling for something that needs to stand out at your window, then roman shades are the choice for you. Unlike cellular shades or roller shades, roman shades don’t leave you with a flat look on your window. Roman shades are made with the intent of providing a fancy appearance as when you close them, they fold up in large pleats, invoking the appearance of fancy curtains in large castles and villas.

Providing you with a fancy cover while keeping your home comfortable should make roman shades an obvious choice for designer types. If you have a great set of furniture and silverware you need to protect, why not protect it with something that will compliment them further, adding to the interior decor of your home.

Final Thoughts

Overexposure to the sun can lead to your furniture, flooring, and painted walls to fade. So, while the sun provides so much for us like energy and natural light, it is important to keep in mind that its light needs to be moderated. With blackout window shades, you can easily control the levels of light you allow into your home. As outlined above, you are not short on choices, so find one that works for your home today.

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