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How to Refresh the Decor on Your Old House

Old style decor in a room.

Your old house is home. Your home is yours and needs to be taken care of to stay in tip top shape. Over the years, you spend on upgrades to keep places like the kitchens and bathrooms up to date and in good working order and to assure you peace of mind and comfort. 

One of the more overlooked areas in terms of updating your home are the window areas. Many often change the glass on their windows, changing it to something that has stronger, insulating properties. However, the coverings on the inside of the house are often unchanged and left on the window for many years.

We would like to present you with a few ideas on how to refresh the look of your window dressings. There are many modern window blinds that can really refresh the decor on your old house.

Vertical Blinds on Large Windows and Sliding Doors

Houses old and new often have large sliding doors that open up to a patio or deck in a backyard. If your older home has one of these, you will want to find a window covering that can cover it, as you will need a way to control the entering light and create privacy. The most efficient way to dress a large sliding door is with vertical blinds.

If your old house has curtains on your sliding doors, it may be time to change them and upgrade. While curtains will certainly do the job of covering the doors, they simply will not provide the same kind of value as vertical blinds. 

Vertical blinds, being more solid and permanent installation, will add more monetary value to a house. This is especially true if you are using more select materials, such as fabric verticals or wood. These vertical blinds will add a level of sophistication to your older house and will make the patio door area the place to be.

Vertical blinds on a large patio door.

Modern Tech in Your Old House

Large sliding glass doors tend to be heavy and can be difficult to move. With that being so, you will want to keep the space in front of it decluttered so you can perform the rather arduous task of opening and closing. A great way to make sure it is clear is with smart blinds!

Smart blinds, or smart shades, are motorized blinds that are operated with a motor and controlled with a remote control or smart technology. With a simple touch of a button or a voice command, you can have the blinds open up. This leaves your hands free to complete the opening and closing of the sliding glass doors.

What’s great about smart blinds is that they are not limited to one type of blind. They can come in all sorts of styles, such as cellular shades and roller shades. They have different types of fabrics too, like light filtering, room darkening and even blackout, so light control has never been easier. Smart blinds allow you to really bring about a new look to your older home and add never seen before levels of convenience.

Convenience is King

The word of the day is convenience. Modern life is filled with so many fast moving parts that as homeowners, we really want our home to be a place of rest and relaxation. A way to really maximize your relaxation is by making your older house a convenient place to be.

Find ways to have some chores be done without having to put too much effort. For example, if you have a large yard or a well put together garden, daily watering will be required to maintain them. What you can do is set up an automatic sprinkler system, and the chore will be done on the clock daily.

Another daily chore that you can have automated is sweeping. You can have it performed by a robot, one that knows the layout of your house and will clean around your furniture and appliances. Leaving the chores to be done automatically will leave you much more time for leisure and planning out your house’s decor.

Your House, Your Style

Couches, coffee tables, window treatments, all these interior design elements are yours to mix a match. Your tastes and preferences are allowed to shine with the interior decor style you like. Whether you want to modernize your old house’s look, or keep the old school style with newer parts, the choice is yours.

One thing to keep in mind is that older houses will need more maintenance, so you will want to minimize work for you where you can. So a good tip is to find items that are easy to clean, such as leather couches or faux wood blinds and floors.

Whatever your decor style, just make sure that your older house is compatible with it. Bringing new and sophisticated elements into an old house will be an unfortunate cost if the house cannot handle them. If compatibility is assured, then let your imagination run wild, and find all the new ways to bring a breath of fresh air to your old house.

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