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How to Remove Slats From Wooden Blinds

How To Remove Slats From Wooden Blinds

A major part of furnishing your home involves dressing up the windows and doors with elegant and stylish window coverings. Apart from making the indoor space more habitable, comfortable, and pleasant, the window coverings also enhance the visual appeal of the home décor. They accentuate the windows both aesthetically and functionally by improving their look and the R-value. The glass windows have a very low R-value and hence they aren’t great insulators.

Why You Should Dress Up Your Windows

Bare windows fare poorly when it comes to protecting the interiors from the scorching summer heat and preventing heat loss from outside during winters. Bare glass windows also don’t allow for any amount of light control or protection against the glare and UV exposure since there is no coverage for diffusing or blocking out the external light. If you have big glass doors and windows in your house or your windows receive a lot of sunlight throughout the day, it will be a good idea to consider dressing them up with suitable window treatments.

You can pick from a wide variety of window treatment choices such as the blinds, shades, shutters, and elegant drapery. This variety gives you access to so many diverse design options, color combinations, material choices that are available at different price points to suit your budget. These window treatments have a visible impact on the energy efficiency of your house and it gets reflected in the lower power bills.

These window coverings filter the light coming from the outside and that diffused light helps create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere inside the house. With window treatments gracefully adorning the windows, you can put your privacy concerns to rest as they provide effective coverage to prevent the onlookers from peeping inside the house.
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What Makes the Wooden Blinds an Excellent Window Covering Option?

A versatile window treatment option that is always at home irrespective of whether it is in an office setting or a house setting; this is a befitting introduction for wooden blinds. The grainy texture of the wood gives these blinds a minimalistic yet graceful demeanor. Since the wood is a sturdy material and a bad conductor of heat, these blinds provide excellent heat insulation and are extremely durable.

Adjustable blind slats that are typical of any variant of blinds allow the wooden blinds to effectively control and manipulate the outside light. Depending on your preference, you can allow the outside light to enter inside the house in varying intensity and even block them out completely if you want. Since the wooden material is highly opaque, the wooden blinds also uphold the sanctity of your intimate space through their excellent privacy performance.

Though they are a bit pricier than the regular fabric blinds, wooden blinds make up for the greater cost in the long term through their superior heat insulation, energy efficiency, better privacy performance, and longevity. However, if you feel that the wooden blinds are too costly to fit into your budget, faux wood blinds are always a good alternative. They are much more affordable but have a look and features that are similar to the wooden blinds.
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How to Handle Damaged Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are quite sturdy and will easily last you for a long time, but they are not completely invincible and can get damaged sometimes. There can be several reasons behind your wooden blinds getting damaged. A weak mounting mechanism that is unable to handle the weight of the wooden blinds can be a reason. Improper handling of the blinds or constant exposure to moisture can be another reason. Pulling too hard on the pull cord or putting too much pressure on the blind slats can also damage the blinds.

Blinds and other types of window coverings do get damaged and wooden blinds are no exception. However, the good thing is that is most cases, you can easily repair your wooden blinds all by yourself. From blinds getting stuck to blinds getting misaligned, from the pull cord not working properly to blind slats getting damaged, all such issues can be solved by using some basic household tools and by following some easy steps.

Some people tend to get their wooden blinds replaced once they get damaged but is a very expensive proposition and not always necessary. You can also hire professionals to repair the blinds for you but it will cost you more money and time. Hence, unless the damage is covered under a brand warranty, it is a good idea to consider repairing your blinds yourself.

How to Remove Slats from Wooden Blinds

Broken or damaged blind slats are a common issue with all types of blinds including the wooden blinds. While in most cases, one or two broken blind slats don’t affect the functioning of the wooden blinds, but they do ruin the visual appeal and efficiency of the blinds. Hence, replacing the damaged slats becomes important. You can do that in just a few simple steps.

You will need a few basic tools such as a screwdriver, replacement slats depending on how many slats you need to replace, and maybe even a pair of scissors and you are good to go. Sometimes the blinds are longer in length than the window frame and in that case, you need to remove the extra slats to shorten the blinds. So, whether you want to replace damaged blind slats or want to shorten your blinds, you first need to know how to remove the slats. Let us look at how you can remove slats from wooden blinds:

• Step 1: There are bottom plugs at the base of the blinds that hold and cover the lift strings. You need to find and remove the bottom plugs. You can use a flat-head screwdriver to easily remove the bottom plugs.
• Step 2: When the bottom plugs are removed, knots at the bottom ends of the lift strings are exposed. You need to untie the knots and then you can easily remove the lift strings that are threaded into the holes in every blind slat.
• Step 3: Remove the lift strings starting from the bottom-most slat and move upwards until you reach the slat you want to replace in case of damaged blinds or remove in case of longer blinds.
• Step 4: After you have removed the lift string from the slat you want to replace or remove, you can go ahead and pull them out from the loops that are holding them in place.

How to Replace the Slats

• Step 1: Follow all the steps mentioned above.
• Step 2: After you have removed the damaged slat, you can put a replacement slat in its place.
• Step 3: Now go ahead and re-thread the lift strings through all the blind slats until you reach the bottom of the blinds.
• Step 4: Tie a knot at the bottom ends of the lift strings so that they don’t come out of the holes in the blind slats.
• Step 5: Put the bottom plugs back in their place.
• Step 6: Check if the blinds and their individual slats are aligned properly. Also, try to open and close the wooden blinds a couple of times to check if the blinds are functioning smoothly. If everything works normally, you are done.

So, you can clearly see how easy the process of removing and replacing the slats from your wooden blinds is. You just need some basic and easily available household items and follow a few simple steps and you will be finished with the work in a quick time.

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