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How To Repair Cellular Shades?

How To Repair Cellular Shades

Getting the right window treatment for your home might be a tall order if you do not know where to look. There are multiple window treatments out there that might be the right one for you. They are functional, easy to install, amazingly effective and can give the other home decor elements a run for their money. One such window shade is the cellular shade. These are also some of the most common window coverings that you would find in any house. And why not? Owing to their fabulous design (the pleats are to die for), they have become go-to window treatments for many homeowners across the world. However, more often than not, these window treatments might also be susceptible to damage if they are not taken care of. Not everyone understands their properties unless the person in question is either rather experienced (he might have done his research well), or he might be a home decorator himself. For the others, it might be yet another window treatment for which their responsibility ends after purchasing and installation (at least what they might think). But worry not, if you belong to the latter category, this blog might be beneficial for you. Read further as we explain to you how to repair your damaged cellular blinds.

About Cellular or Honeycomb Shades

The functionality of these beauties owes to their structure that entails cellular ‘pockets’ to trap elements of nature (extreme heat, cold, or light), creating an insulative barrier at your window. Before you purchase them, however, ensure that the warranty is well taken care of or the manufacturer will give you the cold shoulder when you explain your problem. That is, however, quite another topic to discuss. Here, we shall tell you what you need to do to repair a) corded cellular shades and b) cordless cellular shades. Read further for step-by-step instructions.

Repairing Corded Cellular Shades

1) When they hang unevenly at the bottom: The lift cords are at play here in case of a standard lift cord, so you need to ensure that they have the same tension, and they all hang at the same level. When you have a continuous cord loop, check the c-clips, which are attached to a long rod spanning the length of the headrail.

2) When the cord loops are frayed: in such a scenario, it is a good idea to take the cord loops out of the bottom rail by removing the brackets and then lifting the cord to turn the mechanism. Keep a screwdriver handy for this purpose; it is a fairly easy task.

Repairing Cordless Cellular Shades

1) When the shades sag: It becomes essential to pull them all the way down and gently tug at them without forcing your way through. This can be repeated to reset the tension device. Repeat the process several times until they are working fine.

2) When they hang unevenly: Repeat the above process of resetting the tension device in this case. However, you must note that you must tag at your shades from the middle and not from the sides, or this may create slack in the cords.

The Precautions To Take

It is a common occurrence for the cord or the tension device to get stuck. Constant use of your shades, besides taking care of them regularly, is a must. One must also bear in mind that the structure of these shades is pretty different from the rest. And they require not just a mere wipe of a cloth or a vacuum cleaner to remove the grime on the surface. Many bugs and dust might get trapped in the pockets, and so you must clean them too through a cleaner to suck the dust off from the inside. You may also opt for shades that do not require you to touch them while adjusting. A motorized blind will be very effective, or one which has headrails and bottom rails to adjust their movement. Day-night cellular shades are a shining example of a very effective blind that can be operated by pushing the headrail, middle rail and bottom rail up and down for light and privacy settings.

Final note: It is rather easy to repair your cellular shades without replacing them. You just need to follow a step-by-step procedure and they will be functioning to the best of their capability in no time, be it your cordless or corded shades. You just need to take care of them regularly as they are sensitive window treatments.

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