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How to Seal Windows to Help Keep Bugs Out

How to Seal Windows to Help Keep Bugs Out

Bug-free Home for a Happy and Healthy Living

With the changing climate, pests and bugs will always look for a new way to enter your interior. Most insects attracted to the light streaming through the doors and windows or dirty areas. Would you like to have a cobweb that will obstruct your outside view while stopping you from enjoying the other benefits? Or will allow the insects to enter your décor and destroy your furnishings?

Once these bugs invade your home, it’s hard to get rid of them. That is the reason it is essential to make sure that all the entrances are sealed properly with the right solution. Insects use cracks or small spaces around the doors and windows to sneak into. Those minor gaps should be fixed to keep the bugs out of the home. There are more advantages of setting them; such as – you can cherish a lower energy bill all year round.

There are various ways to make home bug-free. Consider the below tips and tricks to enjoying a hassle-free life while keeping your home and family protected from the inflammation of bugs.

Best Ways to Make Your Home Bug-proof

  • Seal the Doors First – Sealing your doors to keep the insects out is equal to locking a door to keep the strangers away. The gaps that are available around the door are the main reason for letting the pests inside your decor. A door sweep is a perfect way to cover the holes. Otherwise, you can install weather stripping as well to bug-proof your interior like a pro.

When it comes to maintaining your doors, garage doors should be the priority because small openings of this door allow the bugs. Opting for a proper door seal will help keep the bugs out.

Keeping the doors open can be the most significant issue which allows the more insects and pests to come in. Consider keeping them closed whenever possible. In that case, you can go for an automatic door, which is also very useful in this scenario.

If you have patio doors, French doors, or large windows, install cellular honeycomb shades or cellular vertical shadings, which come with side headrails and block the door gaps. These shades are also useful in blocking out the harsh daylight and controlling the temperature of the indoor.

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Cover the Windows – Most people love to keep their windows open to feel the vibes of fresh air and soft glowing natural daylight while having a beautiful exterior view. But unfortunately, flying insects and ants are always ready to infiltrate your home through these open windows. To enjoy the fresh air without flying insects, installing window screens is necessary.

Drawing some window shades and blinds can prevent all these harmful insects from entering your home. Experts say that insects attract more towards shining light that comes through the windows, but installing window coverings will help obstruct that. There are varieties of window dressings available which are perfect for accomplishing this task.

If you are planning to install window blinds, then consider putting a net over them because blinds are designed with slats and provide enticing gaps that allow the bugs in.

Custom pleated shades or roller solar shades are made of smooth fabric materials which do not allow any insect to creep in. Even most of the shades are made of synthetic or polyester materials which are not preferred by the insects. These shades come up with sheer and light filtering fabric option, which means when you shut down the shades, you still can have a stunning outside view. The shades are good for diffusing sunlight while blocking the glare and UV beams. You can mount these shades anywhere in the home.

Custom Pleated Shades

Note – Curtains or draperies are a great way when it comes to embellishing the beauty of your home décor but they are not the right choice in intercepting the pests. The space between the window frame and the drapery panel can permit the insects to go inside the home. The windows need to be tight enough to get the best output. Even dark colored curtains are one of the favorite places of the mosquitoes to rest. So draperies are not recommended for keeping the bugs away.

You can go for some window solutions as well, which include exterior solar shades or skylight shades. These shades are very effective in beautifying your patio area. Outdoor shades are made of woven polyester fabric which offers an amazing view to the outside while blocking all the paths for the insects. Even skylight shades will also prevent direct daylight and flying bugs. Motorized exterior solar shades are the way to go for your patio yard.

Motorized Exterior Solar Shades

Additional Tips for Keeping the Bugs Away

  • Apart from covering the doors and windows, shield all the open areas because a small hole or gap can allow more than a hundred bugs to enter your indoor. For example, a fireplace or chimneys are also gateways for insects. Make sure you have a proper blockage system for all the open areas.
  • Repair all the cracks on time to stop the ants or other insects coming in. Look around your home, and if you find any defect, treat them immediately.
  • Don’t keep any unnecessary food for a long time in your home. And clean any wet areas from time to time.
  • Do pest control twice in a year.

These simple tricks and solutions are the best way to keep home sophisticated and insects-free. Bugs are not only damaging your home interior but also create various health diseases. Stay healthy and happy by following the above ideas.

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