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How to Style Your Large Windows Like a Pro?

Vertical Blinds for Large Windows

How to Style Your Large Windows With Vertical Blinds?

Large, tall and wide windows are a great way to make the house look absolutely grand and spacious. They are also an amazing way to let in a lot of natural light, and the view from these windows is breathtaking. As advantageous as it may be, large windows are still considered as difficult window types because it is pretty much impossible to find a window treatment for these windows without affecting the unique shape of the windows. Even pro interior designers have been finding it a huge hassle to dress up large, tall and wide windows. Especially when you want to find vertical blinds for large windows that is as multi-functional as blinds for regular sized windows. But lately, lot of creative and innovative options have sprout up that could help you dress up your large windows like a pro!

Sleek and Elegant Long Vertical Blinds for Tall Windows

Usually, vertical blinds are more preferred for wider windows rather than the tall windows. However, they are also an equally great option for the tall windows, sliding glass doors, patio doors, etc. These blinds are usually made up of faux wood, PVC or metal so that they can be mounted in any kind of room. The material of the blinds matters especially in rooms like kitchen and bathrooms as it gets steamy and humid in these spaces. PVC or metal blinds are humidity resistant and water resistant making them the best choice for such spaces. This also means that they last for longer periods of time with less maintenance issues and they are pretty easy to clean. Vertical blinds for large windows also gives us the option for better light control without affecting the privacy. We can simply tilt the slats of the blinds so that a good amount of light falls in even when the blinds are closed.

Vertical Blinds for Tall Windows


Curtains, Draperies and Other Fabric Vertical Blinds

One of the most commonly known, easy, and elegant ways to dress up your tall and large windows is to go for curtains or draperies. Fabric-based window dressings are great for a lot of reasons apart from just being aesthetically pleasing. Fabric blinds are light, breezy and multi-functional. They provide the right amount of privacy without affecting the light inflow into space, it will tone down the harshness of the sunlight without darkening the room. Other advantages of these blinds are:

  • The coverage is complete and absolute
  • They can blend in with any shapes, difficult or regular
  • They do not make the room look heavy or bulky
  • There are a range of colors, patterns and designs to choose from
  • There are also different levels of opacity to choose from – light filtering to room darkening

Drapery and Curtains for Tall Windows


Elegant and Multi-functional Electric Blinds for Large Windows

Electric blinds are simply window treatments that have been completely motorized. Though the look and feel of these blinds remain unaffected, the difference is seen in the way they are operated. Instead of the hassle of pulling tangled up cords or sliding the blinds along the curtain rods, motorization allows operating these blinds with the press of a button. The operation is so much more sleek and elegant. Motorized blinds for large windows provide you the privacy and light control without you having to even get out of your seat. The level of comfort and convenience that comes with these blinds is what makes it more preferred compared to other window blinds and shades varieties in the market. It also adds an elegant and luxurious element to your home interiors that is sure to turn heads!

Electric Blinds for Large Windows


Vertical Track Blinds for a More Conventional Look

Track blinds are also known as panel blinds or sliding panels since they are a combination of few oversized panels that is operated over a wheeled track system. These panels, however, do not tilt like the ones in the regular blinds. They only slide over each other when being opened or closed. They kind of stack up completely over one another when they are completely open, which makes them look a little bulky and take up a lot of space. There are various ways in which these track blinds can be operated. They can open towards the right or left or split in the middle (which might be the best option to reduce the bulkiness when the blinds are opened). Vertical track blinds can be chosen based on the fabric as well. Picking the right material for your blinds is very important for controlling the light flow and privacy.

Panel Track Blinds


Accentuating the Look by Adding Valances and Cornices

Considering from the decorative point of view, valances and cornices can add great aesthetic value to your large windows. Though they aren’t very functional like the blinds and shades are, they say a lot about your personal taste. They are a way to make your home look very elegant and luxurious. Valances are a much lighter way of adding depth to the window shades. If your window coverings are plain and neutral in color, then choosing a valance with elaborate designs and patterns on them will add a nice depth to complete the look. Cornices, on the other hand, are made of wood and are kind of immovable. They are also a great way to add a decorative touch to your plain and neutral shades and blinds. Cornices also help to hide any rods, brackets, and other hardware that is involved with the vertical blinds and gives a more elegant and even look. You can find a Valance or a cornice to go with any kind of window shades that you choose for your large, tall, or wide windows. They are the best way to spruce up even the dull and unattractive long windows, making them look unique and unconventional.

Vertical Blinds with Valances

There was a time when people would be hesitant before going for large windows and tall windows. This was especially because of the hassle of not finding the right window covering for these difficult window types. But it is not the case anymore. There are a lot of innovative options available for any kind of special windows, with a lot more options coming up every day.

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