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How To Trim Vertical Blinds Down To Size

How To Trim Vertical Blinds Down

Trimming Vertical Blinds to Size

Vertical window blinds are an amazing choice when it comes to large windows or patio door decoration. Their incredible ability to controlling sunlight, privacy, and UV rays makes them a popular and fashionable choice to install in residential and commercial spaces. The blinds are available in a variety of colors and design selections, and customizing them will give your décor a subtle and co-ordinated look. These blinds come in different shapes and sizes to fit the windows perfectly but sometimes, because of the wrong measurements, you may receive an incorrectly sized product that might look odd and peculiar on the windows. If the blinds are small in size, then it will be difficult to get the complete coverage. But extra wide vertical blinds can be shortened to size to enjoy the work efficiency for long. If you are unsure about the process, then no need to panic. In this article, we will help you in trimming vertical blinds to the size that fit windows accurately and offer all the aesthetical and functional benefits you are looking for.

Vertical Blinds

How to Cut Vertical Window Blinds?

If you got some vertical blinds that you need to trim down, then follow the below steps that will make your job done easier and simple. But before that make sure you have all the tools ready before starting the process which includes – measuring tape, pencil, scissor, hacksaw, and rubber bands.

  • Step 1

First, remove the vanes from the headrail track. The tracks have clips at the top which hold the vanes in the position. Open the clips to separate the vanes.

  • Step 2

Hold one vane or louver on the windows and determine the exact length of the blinds you want to have and mark it. The first vane will be a template for the rest of the vanes.

  • Step 3

You can cut the vanes using a scissor or a saw and c-clamp method. If you are using scissors, then cut the first vane straight and follow the same process for the rest of the vanes.

For the hacksaw and c-clamp process, clamp all the vanes. Take a wooden piece and place it between the clamp and the top vane. Now, cut all the vanes together using a hack saw.

  • Step 4

In the final step, put the vanes back on the headrail track and attach the vanes using the vane clips.

In this way, you can easily trim your vertical blinds down to fit the windows perfectly. Trimmed vertical blinds create a clean and refined look on the windows. If you confront any difficulty while cutting them, feel free to consult with an expert. Because a perfectly cut window blind can offer you all the functional benefits you need while adding warmth and elegance to space.

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