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A living room.

Your living room probably shares a lot of similarities with many other living rooms. You probably have a set of couches, a coffee table, a television and maybe an entertainment system. While all of these things characterize the requirements of the living room (a place to sit, relax, and enjoy yourself), it can become repetitive to see the same thing everywhere in everyone’s home. So how can you set your living room apart from a contemporary one? How can you keep your living room from feeling like an Ikea showroom? Read on and we will share our ideas with you.

Tailor it to Your Personality

Your space, your place. Apart from the standard furniture pieces you find in the living room, you can use personal trinkets and decorative accents to help make the room more tailored to you. Home decor encompasses everything from window coverings to lighting fixtures to wall art to throw pillows and not just furniture. With all that in mind, there are many ways to make yourself shine with how you decorate your house.

One of the best ways you can really allow yourself to shine in terms of interior design is through the colours you choose. If you’re the vibrant type who likes to have get-togethers and good times, you may go with livelier hues of red, yellow, orange and brown. If you’re more laid back and like to relax, then mellow blues and greens can be used to paint your walls. If you like a more serious tone, then grays and whites can be used to colour your walls.

Light Control

The living room is the place where you and your family spend most of your time together. It is only natural that you will want it to be well-lit both during the day and at night. At night you will of course have electric light, from light fixtures to lamps. During the day, you will want some type of window dressing to both to provide light and privacy control. 

There are many types of window coverings today that will allow you to achieve that, but if you want to put your personal stamp on them, you can do that. If you like something that is modern but has a classical feel to them, you can cover your living room window with something like a motorized zebra blind. They are a banded shade that takes from both blinds and shades, creating a striped pattern that resembles a zebra. They can give you great light filtering and full privacy, depending on how you open and close them.

Close up of blue zebra shades.

With a motor, they are part of a group of motorized shades. These encompass many different types, including roller shades, cellular shades, roman shades and more. With the many different types available to you, you can select the style of shade that works best for your living room. Roller shades provide a simple and minimalist look, with a single fabric rolling up and down, while roman shades provide the opposite, providing an extravagant look and appearance harkening back to an older age. Zebra shades provide a great modern take on classic blinds while cellular shades provide straight lines and energy conservation for your house.

Decorative Accents

Decorative accents are specialist decor pieces that you can place in your living room. Actually, they can be used for any room, especially in places where you will have guests. They are a variety of crafted pieces and can be made from any material, from metal to stone to wood. They can have a special meaning to you, like a gift received from a loved one, or they can simply be just a piece of decor that you use to add flavour to the room.

The operative word is flavour. The main ingredients of your living room are the couches, television, and tables. The decorative accents are the added spices that give your living room a better taste and vibe for you, your family and your guests. They can be a few centrepieces on the tables like a vase, or they can be plentiful and placed on your walls, shelves and more.

Like the window coverings, the accents can be tailored to you. They can even be personal trophies and awards that you’ve received in your life like sports trophies or academic awards. A lot of parents especially like to display these if their children receive them as it makes for very good talking points with other relatives! If it adds the flavour you are looking for in your living room, by all means, display them!

Separate Your Living Room

A lot of homes can become guilty of looking like a display room or a retail catalogue. You’ve probably come here to look for a way to avoid doing that. The suggestions made above, using decorating in a personalized way can help you achieve separating your living room from the pack. While it won’t win you any awards or gain you anything financially, it can certainly be nice to come home every day to a room that is specially tailored to you.

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